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How do you tell a girl likes you?


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The first sign to tell a girl likes you is if she stares at you

The second is she seems to be near you more

The third is does she talk to you a lot of girls are shy at this stuff (including me D:)

here is some advice talk to her *do you??* start off at small talk and as u get closer

make longer conversations!

Ask her out some girls do not ask out guys,they like to be asked out

hope this helped! :)

I'm a girl so to tell a girl likes you is she might look at you from time to time and if you catch her eye - she might go into nervous giggles or if she's confident she might carry on the gaze! the second is she might laugh at your jokes more often than not [This is even if your jokes aren't funny] The next is she might want to make you jealous by talking to other boys more than she talks to you!