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You find a girl and tell her "you like her in a very cute way".

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Q: How do you tell a girl you really like her in a cute way?
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What is something really sweet and cute to say to a girl that you really like?

Tell her, "Hey. You look really nice in that shirt(or skirt, jeans, etc.),".

Is it best to tell a girl you think she is cute or just leave it?

tell her she is cute tell her she is cute

How do you tell a girl that she is cute?

You just say that she's cute. She'll probably like it. :) I would know ;)

How do you tell a girl you like her when your ten?

He u look cute I'm starting to like you

You really like a girl?

Tell her how you feel.

Tell a girl she is cute?

Just say "you're cute"

How do you tell a girl you really like that you like her?

Go up to her and say "i really like yoU"

What if your friend likes a really pretty girl but you like her too what should you do?

Well, I'm a girl and girls always like it when cute boys talk to you and kind of give hints that they like you. If your a cute boy maybe talk to this girl and ask her how she feels about you and your friend. Girls like it when boys just talk to them like there in equal. They like it when boys tell them about there feelings because girls are to shy to go up to the boy they like and tell them how they feel about him. I really hope this helps!

How do you tell a girl you like her without really telling her?

All you have to do is tell her you like her, but don't tell her.

How do you get a cute boy to like you?

Just be yourself. I'm a cute boy, 15 years old, and in my point of view I like a girl who is not afraid to talk to me and tell me I look good. Tell him you like him and he looks good.

Is it good if you tell a girl you like them and they reply saying cute?

Of course, it shows you're a sweetheart to her

What do you you tell your girl friend what you like about her?

tell her what you really like such as her personality, physical features etc.

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