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If you love herI think that if you tell the girl you love her so early you might freak her out. Wait at least another 3 weeks.

The best choice would be to wait a while. My boyfriend said it too me after a week, but I wanted him to say it. Just wait till you really feel the time is right, and you're not sitting there wondering if it's a good idea or not, say it when you feel the moment is right.... Hope it all works out....

Uhmmmm....you don't. Only a week? Come on! That's not love. You have to be dating for at least 6 months before you say you love each other. You are basically just lovers at this point.

I agree a week is too early. Wait a bit longer and then tell her. A girl likes it when guys share their feelings.

I think it depends on the girl. A week could be too early for some, but not for others. I would gradually show that you love her. Notice how she reacts to you showing signs of love. If she tries to show you that she loves you too, then I would just tell her. If she acts kinda like she's trying to show that she loves you, but it seems more like it's more like she's just trying to be polite then wait until you're sure that she loves you, or will be okay with you loving her. You don't want to scare her off.


I'd wait just a little bit longer wait till it's been two weeks at least I told my girlfriend that it turned out great the moment I said it she made-out (french kissed) with me and sai she loved me to so just wait a little bit.

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Who is a sweetest girlfriend?

You are a sweet girlfriend when you tell him you love him

How can you tell your girlfriend you love her?

go on a date with her and talk to her and then tell her you love her and she will say she love you too

What to tell your girlfriend when she ask why you love her?

because i love you why do you ask me that

How do you tell a guy you like them when they have a girlfriend?

try to be a great friend of them. then tell them that their is someone in your life that you love him. and at the last tell him i love you.try to be better than his girlfriend. he'll realize he is missing out, and dump her for you

How you Tell your girlfriend you love her?

Say "I love You." Then give her a gental kiss and hug her.

How should i tell my girlfriend i love her?

buy her something special, treat her like a queen, and then just tell her you love her.

How do you tell if you love your girlfriend?

you can tell if when your with her your heart skips a beat and you might evensometimes get nervous

How do you tell if your girlfriend is in love with you?

If she show's respect to you and is not about having sex.

What can you tell your girlfriend this morning?

That you love her and want to catch up with her.

What should you do if your girlfriend is frigged?

tell her u love her and talk to her about it

What does it mean when your girlfriend or bf ask are the things you love about me?

just tell them the truth. no big deal! tell them the things you love about them.

When do you tell your girlfriend that you love her?

You tell your girlfriend that you love her whenever you want, or she wants, put keep in mind that if you say it too much, she'll maybe think that you want to hide something.

What do you do to make your girlfriend love you?

be yourself and if she don't love you there is a problem if you tell her you love her and still nothing there is no relationship

What is the best way to tell your crush who has a girlfriend you love them if you are just friends?

If you have a crush on your best friend, but he has a girlfriend, and you love him, you can write him a letter. You could also wait until they break up to tell him.

How do you tell your girlfriend you dont love her anymore?

know be a man and tell her the true.It 's not work?

What to do with girlfriend on daily basis?

tell her you love her tell her she is beautiful call her tell her shes amazing just the way she is

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