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How do you tell a guy you like him when he already knows but you want to tell him and you don't think he likes you?


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You tell him that you like him in an off handed sort of way; not bursting out and say I like/love you. how he makes you feel is really important here, if he treats you like a lady by being the perfect gentleman and respects you and it makes you feel like a princess then you should tell him that it makes you feel important and that you really lke the way he does it. if he doesn't do things like opening the door for you, seating you at a table for a date,treat you with the respect you deserve, etc. then he isn't the right kind of guy for you all woman deserve the absolute best.

He only thinks he knows that you like him. You may give hints that you like him or someone told him that you like him and he may believe it but he needs to hear it from your mouth and not from 'a little bird'. I hope this helped you somewhat I can't really give the best advise because: 1) I am a guy and 2) I'm just starting.