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She has to be all suspicious first and have a negative attitude with you

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Q: How do you tell if a girl is cheating?
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How do you tell someone you dont know that their girl is cheating?

tell them you don't know that their girl is cheating!! Unless your the guy sneaking around with her!!!

How can you tell if a boy is cheating on his girl friend?

he will be dating another girl

How do you tell if your girl is cheating?

if shes away and doesnt tell u were she is.

How to tell girl is cheating?

To tell if a girl is cheating or not there are many ways. If you get to know from someone about cheating you should stalk her. See if there are any behavioral changes or not.

How can you tell if what if your girl friend is cheating on you?

Her vag is purple.

How do you tell if a man is cheating in marriage?

well if you ever see him in bead with a girl that means he is cheating on you.......

How can you tell if a female is cheating?

I feel that my girl friend is cheating on me with some body we both know

How do you get a guy to break up with his girlfriend?

You tell him that his girl friend is cheating on him with your ex and tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with your bestfriend. That will absolutely work out.

How do you tell your girl friends cheating?

She's got an STD.

How do you tell your home girl her man is cheating?

girl that can be tough and she will get mad but a sis has got to do what she a gpta do

How can you tell when your boyfriend is cheating?

You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.

How do you tell if a girl will ever stop cheating on you?

Past practice, when it continues, is a good precedent. The cheating will probably never stop.

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