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How do you tell if a girl is cheating?


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She has to be all suspicious first and have a negative attitude with you


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tell them you don't know that their girl is cheating!! Unless your the guy sneaking around with her!!!

To tell if a girl is cheating or not there are many ways. If you get to know from someone about cheating you should stalk her. See if there are any behavioral changes or not.

if shes away and doesnt tell u were she is.

I feel that my girl friend is cheating on me with some body we both know

well if you ever see him in bead with a girl that means he is cheating on you.......

You tell him that his girl friend is cheating on him with your ex and tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with your bestfriend. That will absolutely work out.

ypu can tell your girlfriend is cheating when she dont act like she used to act she acts all suspicious.she begins to blame u for cheating wen she the one really cheating.

girl that can be tough and she will get mad but a sis has got to do what she a gpta do

You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.

Past practice, when it continues, is a good precedent. The cheating will probably never stop.

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

His Behavior and actions around the girl.Ex: If he always talks on his phone soft near you he cheating.

He is hanging out with another girl you know and by his smile if he looked stupid then he is cheating on you and if he is with you all the time he is not cheating on you if he is just don't cry

wow,,, your babe is cheating well if you think then you already know......

you should fid out who that girl is and tell your boyfriend you know that hes cheating on you then you should break it off. an if that girl is a gud friend you shoul tell her why and how could you.

you cant tell. you just have to assume she IS cheating

Ask what they are doing and if he is cheating, kill him. Or tell your sister.

Yes, It is, so don't, and tell other people not to do it please!

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

The percentage of a man having a mistress (cheating on his spouse or, if it is a girlfriend) is low when it comes to marrying the girl he is cheating with. However, there is a small percentage that love the girl they are cheating with and the man doesn't have the backbone to tell his mate about her so he often wants to be caught and the decision is left up to the mate to part ways.

If you think that a girl is cheating on you, then she is most likely not worth your time.

ANSWER:It depends to what is going on between the two of you. When it comes to cheating people are smarter, it will be hard to recognize the different. Maybe you can tell by the way she act when the two of you are together. But one thing that can solve your problem, please talk to her, it's better than assuming if she is cheating on you or not..

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