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you can tell,the womens foot will both turn inward,hard ,erect breast nipples,they wanna have sex


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You cannot. Often, she won't know herself that she is "turned on".

Tell her she is beautiful, not hot. Kiss her on the forehead, not the lips. Tell her you love her.

you can't until she has babies. i have a rabbit that came as a girl and then she turned into a boy and then a girl again and then a boy. i had another who was a boy until she had babies.

When a girl gets turned on, she usually gets more of softer tone to her voice. She also tends to make more physical contact. She'll lean in, touch your arm or your knee, etc. to subtly let you know she is turned on.

if a girl turned to be lesbian just support her because she trust u so much that she had the chance to tell u now if you like her like her it time to move on just be the best friend you can be that all i can tell you now

youll just see it in her eyes and very horney trust me cuz im a girl..

i just told the girl i liked, it turned out she like me too and now we are madly in love. i think you should just tell her

Well there is this anime show called "Kampher". Its about a boy turned into a girl because he's a kampher there are these other kamphers and all of them are girls. If you want more details then just tell me.

The easiest way to tell if a guy is turned on is by the presence of an erection, sometimes called a 'boner' or 'hard-on'.

tell girl she mad. tell her to stay there to ever

Well,if you like that girl then you should go tell her how you feel about her.....its better to tell her now or you'll regret it later...seriously i experienced that kind of situation with one of my close friends.....he asked me he liked this one girl but he was to shy to ask her or he's not sure if she likes him i told him go talk to her and tell her how you yea he was so brave he went and explained it to her, but he got turned down....what I'm trying to say its better to tell her then just watch her or thinking twice....just go and tell'l regret it in the more thing be yourself don't change yourself just to get that girl to like you if she turned you down.....if she turned you down its not the end of your love life there is that special someone out there for you and you for her.......good luck and be bold!!!

You usually get turned on because a girl/guy does something that you like and/or they have something you like.

You can tell that a boy is turned on if he tells you that he is turned on. He may want to do things with you like kiss and stuff.

Well just tell her, if she doesn't like you the same way then you are going to get turned down and about the other boy it all depends on her feelings for him

how do i tell if my my turtle is a girl or a boy?...

Tell her your not llez or tell her your a man

You just tell them your in love with a girl.

Are you an idiot, yes they can.

Because he was turned into a girl when he was born.

The cast of Turned-on Girl - 1970 includes: Margaret Leigh Janet Topaz

Well, if she started out overweight, tell her she looks great. If she started out normal and has turned skinny, ask if she's doing OK.

I did that once on the last day of summer school, and it turned out to be devastating. I would suggest you ask her out on a date before anything else.

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