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Talk to him privately, without any of his friends knowing about it.

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Usually if a girl like's you they tend to get nervous and they might giggle alot also if they like you they might stare at you _______________________________________________________________________ if she is afraid of u and tell her friends that, she likes you. She mentions it to her friends cause she wants to talk about you or hear her friends say "Hey likes you, He likes you!"

No way. This guy probably likes you and just doesn't want to admit it. But there is the possibility that he is afraid to tell all his friends that, because he is afraid what they will say. I say go for it. Tell him you like him!

He is afraid to tell you because maybe he thinks his friends will tease him or you dont like him back.

They will tease or make fun of you or they will make a good impression to your friends or maybe even you. Don't be afraid to ask. But don't be afraid not to.

Tell one of your friends to corner him and ask him if he likes you while you hide somewhere.

You could- 1.Keep giving her things secretly then tell her 2.Just tell her or 3.Get your friends to see if she likes you

I think so because the samething happened to me and they guy liked me but was afraid to tell me how he fells.

well it depends who the guy is if you dont think he will tell folow your instincts

be honest if they like you like that tell them I think it's better we remain friends

2 ways: 1- He likes you, but he is embarrassed or afraid to tell his friends because they never would of thought that he would like a person like you. 2- He doesn't like you.

Ask him if he likes u, and if he denies it tell him u have a crush on him and see if he says he likes u.

you tell him/her that you are just friends. Or tell him/her that you only want to be friends

show it personally or tell it to everybody eventhough your'e afraid or might think people will laugh you.

if hes not afraid to be with you around his friends and still say he loves you

IF the girl likes you back she will not care what her friends think. Her friends may hate you but your not telling her friends you like them your telling HER. Her friends will eventually get used to it.

Don't tell him right away. Be a friend, and see if he still likes you. If you can't tell what he thinks of you, tell him what you think. Once he hears what you think, he'll have no problem sharing his feelings.

tell him that you like him and be all sweet if he likes you gack and to afraid to kiss you you kiss him! You tell him that you like him. If he likes you back but to afraid to kiss you, you kiss him!

Then you don't tell your friends. If they ask who you like you can either say "Nobody" or just name the guys you do like. If not, you can also tell them that you like somebody but don't want to tell them.

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