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If a guy is very flirtacious with other girls, then you DO NOT want to get involved with him. He sounds like he would just make you jealous and worried about him and question his feelings about you, like you are right now. I would move on and look for someone else who you can clearly read his feelings for you.

Some times a guy that acts flirtacious with other girls is just trying to make you jelous... check to see if he finds times while his is flirting with other girls to look over at you...
Also if they smile at you when they look over at you while flirting with other girls... its a bonus :)

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โˆ™ 2009-12-12 01:24:22
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Q: How do you tell if a guy who is very flirty with all girls likes you?
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How do you know a guy likes you when he is very flirty with all girls?

well he probably doesnt like you if he flirts with other girls. talk to him(:

What type of girls does Shane sheckler like?

He likes very hot girls. He likes very hot girls.

You really like a boy at school but you don t know if he likes you too because he can be very flirty with some girls and you but you have heard that he likes you too please tell me what to do?

ask a friend to ask him if he wants to go out with you....if you havent already. act casual around him. be mysterious. make him chase you around for awile. have fun.

How can you tell if the girls cherry is already broken?

she could be very sexualy attracted to a boy that she likes. but there is no way to tell unless you ask her

Your crush is not very flirty How can you tell if he has a crush on you?

Watch him when you can. Watch his behavior when he is around you.

What should you do if your boyfriend is VERY flirty with other girls?

Say forget that jerk them if they do it continuesly repeatly

How can you tell if someone still has feelings for you?

If they are very flirty and if you text and hearts get sent outt

How do you know if a party guy likes you?

He could be very flirty. As in he will come up and touch you much more then usual. He may also try to talk to you differently. In a more of a flirty fasion.

What happens when you ask a girl if she likes you through a note?

I know this from experience. IT COMPLETELY DEPENDS IF SHE LIKES YOU that's all I can really tell you girls are VERY unpredictable IchigoKitsune95 >:3

Why men can tell their girlfriends they love them?

because men like his girlfriend very much than girls likes their boy friend.

How do you find out if a girl likes a boy?

The girl will either be the shy type or the flirty type. If she is she, she will usually blush when you talk to her, or if you notice her looking at you often, she probably likes you. The flirty type will either throw herself out there and just... flirt. There are also girls in the middle, who will usually try to gt you to notice her, just to be friends, or possibly, she may even pretend to hate you, not wanting you to know that she likes you. It can be very confusing, but if she seems to hate you, then be careful, and ask her, and she may or may not show her feelings.

How do you get a girl when you have a feeling she likes another guy?

In most cases, Be honest. Tell her you like her, and if she feels the same way, great. If not, then there will always be other girls, and they will be very lucky girls indeed :]

What is the personalities of girls Justin Bieber likes?

Justin Bieber likes girls that have a good smile,good personality,and is very funny and who is down to earth.

How can you tell if someone likes you over text messages?

It is very very difficult to tell. Most of the time an overuse of the smiley face =) will give it away, but there are a lot of girls out there who use the smiley face a lot in all the text messages they send to people.If you want to tell if someone likes you, try being more observant when you are with them in person and look for signs.

How to get closer to girls?

very good question. if you have a friend that's gay he can really help. he is no compatition but hes on a level with girls, they will tell him stuff like hes a girl and you can then find out if a girl likes you. the girls will hang around with him and you tag along and there you have it.

Does Patrick breeding like smart girls?

Patrick Breeding is the lead singer of the pop group B5. He has never stated what type of girls he likes, but it is very possible he likes smart girls.

What does Niall Horan not like in a girl?

He doesn't like shy girls, or girls who are very shy about not eating infront of guys. He likes girls who are very open with everything, and he doesn't like a girl who isn't herself. He likes a girl who says and does what she wants. :)

Does Justin Bieber like art?

he likes art but hes not very good at it..and he likes girls who is good at drawing

How do you write a sentence with the word trivial?

Juliano likes girls that he thinks are not very smart, but to girls intelligence is not trivial.

How can you tell if a gay girl really like you?

Depending on how she acts around you, if she acts very flirty-like or very close-like then it could be signs of her liking you, maybe.

Is Terrell Delver awesome?

Yes, He very much is he likes girls and Volleyball.

Why are girls so insulting to guys?

The girls think the guys smell when they are old and when the girls like me are age 4 to 5 or 6 think the boys have boy jerm.cus its fun :Dgoshhh tell me about it haand also a very good stratagy to tell how much a guy likes you by how long he takes your insults

How can you tell the difference between a girl who wants to be friends and a girl who wants to date you?

ok, I am a girl and I can tell you that, there are a lot of stupid flirty girls out there who just wanna use you so WATCH OUT!! But If you like them just ask them out on a date, Trust me we prefer the direct approach. Just let her know how you feel. its hard to tell. does she stare at you and smile a lot? do you feel a connection when your eyes meet?has she ever asked, or taken a picture of you? if you answered yes to any of these, then there is a good chance. if yes to two of them, she likes you, if yes to all three, she has a big crush on you. but there is an exception, if she is the flirty type, she does these things just because she likes the attention, or feeling wanted. then you may only be able to tell through conversation. like does she come out of her way to talk to you? does she make very very small talk with you? these are signs that a flirty girl may send. if you read that when a girl touches you she likes you? well she is probably self-conscience enough not to just randomly touch you. but she may find any excuse to do so. i hope this helped, but this is all general advice, if you need specilized advice, send your situation to me and ill review it for you. good luck

How can you tell if an online guy likes you?

There is no way to tell. A psychopathic killer can be very clever at sounding very loving and sincere, for example.

What does a guy think when a girl tell him she likes him?

He gets very excited.