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How do you tell if an 8th grade guy likes you?

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Depends on the maturity level of the guy.

Most likely he will be taking steps to talk to your or spend more time with you even if it is out of his way, say for example always trying to be in your group(even if there is no academic reason to do so), maybe just happens to be around more often that would make sense. So on and so forth

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How can you tell if an 8th grader likes you but your in 7th grade?

im in 8th grade and its hard if your a girl but if your a guy then just ask the worst that could happen is she says no

How do you tell if a guy likes you in fourth grade?

If you are in 4th grade, to tell if a guy likes you is:If he is always bugging you.If he always talks to you.If he smiles at you.

What do you do if a guy in 7th grade likes you but you are in 9th grade?

Tell him to get a life

How do you tell if a guy likes you when your in fifth grade?

He picks on you.

How do you tell if a guy likes you in 5th grade?

you dont

Should an 8th grade guy date a 7th grade girl?

If he really likes her yes!

How can you tell if a guy likes you if your in the fourth grade?

ask the boy

What do you dp if you're a 7th grade boy who likes a 8th grade girl and she might like me back but she might be in love with another 8th grade guy?

If you think she likes you ask her out. Don't be afraid of the answer she gives you. If she truly likes you she will say yes

How do you tell if a guy likes you in the 8th grade?

If you catch him looking at you often, If he smiles at you or glances at you frequently in the hallway, If he trys to talk with you but acts nervous when he's around you.

How do I know if an older guy freshman likes me 7th grade girl?

There is a few ways to tell if a guy likes a girl. You can tell if the guy smiles at you a lot, talks to you or about you, touches you or tells you.

I like an 8th grade guy and im only in 7th grade and he doesnt even notice me how can i get him to like me?

that has happened to me to. i try to find out what his name is and just ask him what his name is. tell him that a girl likes him. get to be friends and soon just tell him you like him

Ok so i like this 7th grade girl and im a 8th grade guy I think she likes me and we have this little joke about having pants on and she is really nice can someone tell me if she likes me too?

If she jokes with you, she likes you. Whether or not she is sexually attracted to you will need more time to find out, though.

Would a girl ever tell a guy she likes him?

If She Really Likes Him Yeah She Would Tell Him

How can a 7th grade girl tell if a guy likes her?

A girl knows that a guy likes her if he flirts, smiles at her often, blushes & sweats while talking to her, teases, and stares.

Is it okay if a 7th grade girl likes an 8th grade guy?

um they are like one year apart, so im pretty sure it is iight

How do you tell if a guy likes you in seventh grade?

ok im in 7th grade too u should say yes if he is gr8 to be around

How can I tell if he likes me or my friend better?

I really like this guy ,but I don't know if he likes me. I'm 11 years old in 5TH grade

If you are in fifth grade and you like a guy who's in your class and he in sixth grade and you think he likes you back how can you tell?

you just tell them, simple as that, if you really can't tell them face to face, give them a note.

How to tell if a guy likes you-?

You can only tell for sure that a guy likes you if he says so.

I am in 7th grade and have had a huge crush on this guy since the first day of fifth grade and I don't know if he likes me so should I tell him?


I cant tell if this guy likes me?

to tell if a guy likes you just be yourself around him and if he really likes you and he can tell your comfortable around him then you will know

How can you tell if a guy friend likes you in fifth grade?

im in 6th grade and has been through this stuff if u catch him looking at you or ask his friends who he likes either way you will probably find out

How does a 5th grade guy tell a 5th grade girl he likes her?

Hey umm.. your one of the nicest girl i have ever met and i kinda like you

Theres this guy ive liked since first grade we are in 8th grade now should i tell him how i feel?

of coursee :D good luck ;)

There's this guy that was talking to on Instagram and he is in 8th grade and I'm in 6th he asked me what grade I'm in what should I tell him?

You shouldn't tell him anything. just because he says he's in 8th grade, it doesn't mean he isn't actually a 50 year-old child molester.