Best Answer I think you are asking about a prolapse. It may start with a heavy feeling of pressure in your vagina. You may pass urine when coughing/sneezing/laughing etc. (You may do this anyway if you have a weak pelvic floor) If you examine yourself inside you may feel a bulge at the top of your vagina. As it gets worse the bulge may appear at the vulva and eventually come right out and hang between the legs. This is most common in women who have had lots of children and/or are quite old. I did however read a case study of a young woman who had it so badly that her insides hung almost to her knees. She was in a society where women were completely covered so did not know she was differnet. But she smelled and got infected and so was shunned by family and friends. A charity team found her and she had a repair operation which made her normal. She went on to get married and have a child. If you are worried see a gynecologist, it is fairly easy to put right, and of course the sooner it is fixed the better.

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Q: How do you tell if your Intrauterine system has moved?
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