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He is hanging out with another girl you know and by his smile if he looked stupid then he is cheating on you and if he is with you all the time he is not cheating on you if he is just don't cry

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Q: How do you tell if your boyfriend cheats?
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Related questions

How can you tell if your boyfriend cheats on you at a party?

Ask him.

What do you say to your best friend when her boyfriend cheats on her?

You tell her that she deserves a better boyfriend.

How will you know if your boyfriend cheats on you?

Hun the way i see it is... If he doesnt tell you then hes not much of a boyfriend at all... now is he??

What do you do when you friends boyfriend flirts with you and you like him?

I would tell my friend and realise that he is cheating on your friend if you are not good friends then be my guest and date him but if he cheats on your friend don't be shocked if he cheats on you to

Who is worse the boyfriend who cheats on his girlfriends with her best friend or the girls best friend?

They both are bad. If your best friend cheats on you with your boyfriend, she is a NOT a loyal friend. And if your boyfriend cheats on you, DUMP HIM.

How do you tell your boyfriend not to cheat with you?

Well first of all give him the ultimatum, next time he cheats on you thats it, it's officially a break up

How do you breakup with your cheating boyfriend and get rid of him?

Tell him straight up ! Girl, NEVER stay with a guy who cheats. If he does it once, he'll do it again.

What to do when your boyfriend cheats on you?

Uh breakup with him

When your boyfriend cheats on you in a dream?

Are you physic?

What do you call a girl who cheats on her boyfriend?

You can call her unfaithful.

What if your boyfriend or girl friend cheats on you what would you do?

If your girl friend cheats on you then the guy has to dump her after he finds out who it is. But she cheats on a girl then theres a problem. And if your boyfriend cheats on you or is crushing on another girl just dump him but ask him if he likes another girl first instead of dumping him if you do not know.

Does your boyfriend love if he cheats on you?

It is entirely possible that he does.

What do you do if your boyfriend goes on holiday and cheats on you?

dump him

Does madisdon klohn have a boyfriend?

yes but she cheats on him.

What does a hairball feeling on the tongue mean?

Tell your boyfriend to shave!!! Tell your boyfriend to shave!!! Tell your boyfriend to shave!!!

How can you tell when your boyfriend cheats?

when tthey dont pay that much of attention to you they pretend your not there or when they stop calling you every night to talk or they start makeing up excusise why they can't hang out

What if your boyfriend cheats on you is that love?

[moved from discussion area] If your boyfriend cheats that is not love, its means he doesn't respect you as his girlfriend. If he did he wouldn't ever think of looking at other girls.

What do you do when your boyfriend cheats on you a week before you have his child?

You torture him.

Is it good to break up with your boyfriend when he cheats on you?


What do you do if your boyfriend kisses you cheats on you then dumps you?

shoot him in the head

What do i do when a boy askes me if i have a boyfriend?

Just be honest, if you have got a boyfriend then tell him you have, if you haven't got a boyfriend then tell you haven't got a boyfriend :)

What would you tell your boyfriend?

Tell him you love him (if you do) tell him you respect him (if you do) and tell him you are proud to be is girl (if you are). If you don't, or aren't, get a new boyfriend

Cheats for virtual families?

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but there are no cheats for Virtual Villagers. : (

What do you do if your best friend cheats on her boyfriend?

what you would do is tell her whats going on and tell her the wrong things she is doing to her boyfriend. The best way is to sit with your best friend and talk it out cause if she is cheating on her boyfriend sooner or later people will start calling her a hoe and you do not want to see your friend really sad like me I have a friend and she is super talented but she's kissing someone else then her boyfriend. It's sad because the guy she kissed wasn't just an ordinary kiss it was a tongue kiss and she kept it a secret to her boyfriend. So take my advice and help your friend.

What to do if your boyfriends friend likes you?

just tell him that you have a boyfriend or you could discuss it with your boyfriend and tell him to tell his friend...