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How do you tell if your woman is a grownup?


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December 26, 2014 2:31PM

Responsibility: Is she generally independent and takes care of herself, or does she expect others (including you) to take responsibility for her needs, feelings and desires?

Compassion: Is she flexible and tolerant if not everything is her way, or does she criticize and belittle you for not reading her mind? Does she respect your point of view even if she doesn't necessarily agree?

Communication: Does she express her expectations and complaints in a calm and respectful way, or through playing a victim, manipulation or aggression? Does she consider what you have to say?

Emotional awareness: does she realize when her emotions or behaviors were inappropriate or exaggerated? Can she explain how she feels and why?

Constructive goals in life: does she work on creating something new, improving her future and perhaps other people's futures? Is she self-motivated?

Healthy self-esteem: does she stand up for herself and her values? Does she have clear criteria of unacceptable behavior? Does she forgive herself if she makes a mistake? Is she respectful to other people, too?

All these are just as applicable to men. There might be more indications, but these are the most important IMO.