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If he hasn't phoned or emailed you or asked you out on a date then he doesn't want you back bad enough.


He might do simple things?

Call you , bring up old memories , maybe tell you he still likes you or would have you back , smile and generally enjoy talking to you (:

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Q: How do you tell when your ex-boyfriend wants you back?
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How can you tell if your exboyfriend wants you back when you hang out?

Instead of looking for signs how about you be the bigger person and actually ask.

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend texts you?

An exboyfriend texting you could mean almost anything. It could mean that he just wants to talk, that he wants to get back together with you, that he has something specific that he needs to tell you, etc.

How do I get back my exboyfriend if he is in another girl's arms?

Tell him you want him back and if he doesn't want you after that then find someone else.

How do you get your exboyfriend to like you again?

Just be honest with him & tell him how you feel if you want to get back together.Ask him if he likes you tell him you want to get back together & be patient with him.Or you could just bang him.

What can i do if my exboyfriend tells me he wants to be with you but is with someone else?

It depends on the type of person he is really.

If you have a best friend who likes your exboyfriend are you supposed to tell him or get back together with hm?

Telling him is a decision that only you can make. He'll probably find out sometime whether you tell him or not.

How to get my exboyfriend back?

to get ur ex back is not that simple .but u can do it!! just tell him how u fell thell him how much u love him and if he feels the same away about he will go back out w u..

How can you tell a guy still wants you back?

Looking back at you

How can you tell if he wants you back?

he'll show interest in you

How do you tell if he wants you back?

Usually they will decide the best time to ask for you back...

How do you tell your exboyfriend about how feel about the way he treated me?

Just tell im, I have learned to just say whats on my mind.

What to do if your girlfriend dumps you for his exboyfriend and then she dumps him and comes back to you?

Sounds like she is seeing how far she can go with you. That could be a sign that she don`t know what she wants also. sounds like a confused person.

How can i tell if he wants to get back together?

He'll call you, invite you out

How do you get an exboyfriend back?

Uhm, if he's an ex boyfriend and HE broke up with YOU then you should first off see if he even has feelings for you but if you broke up with him then i would just tell him how much of a mistake breaking up with him was and ask for him back (:

What are signs an old boyfriend wants to get back together?

He'll tell you.

How can you tell that a guy wants you?

He will give you a complement and look back at you twice

Your exboyfriend wants to be a friend?

b freinds i had an ex now we're friends.but now he's crazy and i wonder,what was i thinking!

Boyfriend at the moment and your X really wants you back but you dont want to go back what should you tell him?

Just tell him straight to his face, or get your boyfriend to.

What do you do when your boyfriend's ex keeps calling and wants to get back with him?

call that girl and tell her no

How do you get rid of an ex who wants you to get back together with them?

You just tell them that you don't want to be with them.

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

How do you get your exboyfriend back?

Make him jelous! Make your self look beautiful and flirt with other men in front of him and if not ,make him know youv been seeing other men or at least that your ready to. Make sure he has no chance of getting a new girlfriend/boy friend (whatever), tell people that hes interested in all his worse points and maybe tell a white lie or two. And when he wants you back play hard to get! (but not to hard ) :) good luck

How do you tell if your ex wants to get back together?

If they flirt with you. If you work together you can tell by green light cautions (smiling)

What is something you can say to your exboyfriend to show him how much he means to you?

I think you should tell him how you feel. Tell him that you still like him and that he is the best thing that has every happen to you!:)

How can you tell if your ex-girlfriend wants you back?

If she contacts you either by phone or through email and you usually can tell by the way one is talking if they want to get back together. If she turns up at the same places you are at or is asking her friends or your friends about you. Don't make it easy on her. If she wants to come back into the relationship then wait it out and force her to face up to it and tell you she wants to start up into another relationship with you. Marcy