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If you something wrong to your guy friend you should just say sorry and if you don't just don't be friends.Hope that this can help you.:)


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The best thing to do is to give your friend a heart felt apology. Let your friend know that you are truly sorry for what you did, and mean it from your heart.

Because she is selfless and j feel sorry if it happened to you because it happened to me

This happened with my sister. First, how bad do you like him, second, im sorry but you have to pick

Best clue is what he does after this.

im sorry..i dont have a best friend :[

Talk to your friend, if they truly are your friend the two of you will figure it out

well if your best friend is truly your friend she would never do that. and if your boy friend was true he wouldn't do that

If she is truly your best friend then absolutly tell her you like her. If you don't you will always wonder what if......

if he/she is really your best friend you should be able to say as nice as you can to get over herself and youll help him/her through whatevers happened but they have to c-oporate without them being offended.

A Ladybug's best friend is a dragonfly of course sorry if you wanted it to be humans

just tell her that u ar sorry but she is a friend not ur best friend

You cannot rush forgiveness. If you did something to hurt your friend deeply then it will take time for your friend to totally forgive and trust you again. The first step is to communicate to your friend that you are truly sorry and apologize and then work with better communication skills; learn your mistake well and don't do it again and eventually all will be forgiven by your friend and you start over.

allow her time. It may not be the easiest to not try to confront her but it is the best way to giver her time to think about what truly happened... You can either give her some time to think about it and then go talk to her, or you can go right now and ask her why she is so mad at you. If she truly is your best friend she will come back to you, if she doesn't come back, then you guys weren't best friends in the first place.

Well if you are their best friend and you truly love them, You have to respect their wishes.

There are generally no limits to having a best guy friend. If he is truly your friend it will be just like having a best girl friend. He might not want to get a makeover with you though.

Let them get over it. I had a similar problem. If she/he is truly your best friend, they will let you be friends with whoever you want.

That means that he might like you or his friend is just trying to embarrass you. This happened to me so I told his friend that I didn't believe him so he went and got proof. If they show you proof then it's true. So take a chance and tell the best friend, "Yeah? Well where's the proof?" If he truly likes you his best friend will get proof.

If he treats you like a friend, he is interested If you're his best friend, he probably has a crush on you. If you're his best friend and he says he loves you, he means it.

My best friend 8 them.

if you really loved this person as your best friend, then talk it over with them, and figure otu why you seperated. if they really love you as their best friend, then they will accept you and love you for who you really are. that what best friends are truly all about.

i think it is best just to not talk to your friend and wait until they say sorry to you. because if they dont say sorry to you first , that means that they dont respect you

becuase arguements with your best friend are what hurts most and it comes out through anger.

If he/she is your best friend, If you say sorry to him/her, he/she will definitely forgive you. If you did some silly/some forgivable mistakes.

i think e hoa is friend, not sure what the best bit would be though sorry!

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