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You shouldn't have a girlfriend, but you probably already know that which is why you didn't tell her you were married in the first place. Anyway, sit down with her & have a serious conversation with her. Be honest & upfront.

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if shes your girlfriend your already wit her

you try to get rid of his girlfriend or become friends then tell him about something bad about his girlfriend tell girlfriend how nasty he is

His girlfriend Anne was already pregnant.

no because he is happily married already

No. He is already married to Rosalie Hale.

just tell him (boys like it when girls tell them they like him)seriously

Tell her to leave you alone; if you like her back, don't drag your girlfriend along.

yes, zac efron does have a girlfriend. His girlfriend is vanessa hudgents and they are both going to get married this summer because they are already living together.

What if she already knows? or is it a secret known only to you?

If you didn't know he had a girlfriend tell him off. Why would he want to fool around with you if he already has a girlfriend. Also you might want to tell the girlfriend , she has a right to know what her boyfriend has been doing.

He already married his long time girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec on April 11, 2009 :]

Matt Shadows does not have a girlfriend as he is already married to Valary Dibenedetto.

Were you ever going to tell me that you were already married?

you do not!! he has a girlfriend! if you do tell him he'll probably think it is cheap or something! wait till he is single!

He already did, see the question "does Matt sanders have a girlfriend" for all the details :)

yes he does. didn't anybody know that? ANSWER: Yes! And I think they already got married!

ok. if your parents are not suportive tell them how much your girlfriend means to you ok. if your parents are not suportive tell them how much your girlfriend means to you marry her anyway

She is your girlfriend which already suggests she likes you as well as you can tell by the way she makes you feel, talks to you, is around you and shows you in general.

If you have to ask then she probably already has, or you have cheated on her so then all is fair. Right?

You already know she doesn't want to be with you my friend or you wouldn't have to ask.

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