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Sit him down one day where it is just the two of you and tell him that you like him and would like for your friendship to become a relationship. I married my best friend so it does happen:)

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If someone says they care about you but dont want to be in a relationship what does that mean?

They are obviously not interested in a relationship at this time or they don't see you more than a friend, cares for you but not the way you would like.

What does it mean 'to care about someone'?

If you have a friend and this friend is unhappy or falls ill and this upsets you and you feel that you would like to help your friend, then you care about this friend.

Should you love your best friend or could it ruin your friend like relationship?

It will ruin our friend like relationship

What do you do when your friend's crush likes you and you like them back?

See if your friend would care or be loyal to your friend and not like them till she is over them

What does it mean to be in a relationship?

A relationship is just that, like a friend and friend, or children with parents.

What if you like your boyfriend's best friend?

Then, typically, you would break up with your boyfriend and pursue a relationship with the best friend.

What do you do if you really like a guy who has a girlfriend but their relationship is long distance?

Long distance relationship or not. It's still a relationship. Respect that fact. If you care for this guy, you'll be his friend and leave it alone or support it.

My friend and this guy have an on and off relationship and i like the guy but i feel like the same things going to happen with me Advice?

Listen to your feelings. If he behaves this way with your friend, why would he act any different with you ? Also, will you have a friend if you are the other woman in their relationship ?

What if your girl friend and you haven't hung out in like a month and i am bothered by it but it seems like she doesn't care what do you do?

It sounds like she is done with the relationship. Ask her if she wants to keep seeing you.

What if I have a boyfriend but I like my friend?

Make a list of pro's and con's of each person and see which one has more pros. Then consider if you would like to lose your friend if it doesn't work out as a relationship.

How do you tell a girl you like her when she is in a relationship with one of your friends?

when she had a boyfriend then care your friend better then her ex bf and loved him after u know that he had a boyfriend and do not do anything wron and feel her that if she was with her then she would be in bettr condition

You really like your friend who likes you back and both of you want to go out but you care to much for the relationship you have as just friends what should you do?

just stay friends, your friend should understand

What do you do if you date your crush but your best friend doesn't like him?

If the relationship has long term potential that has NO negative issues The friend would support you

What should you do if your friend likes a guy but he asks you out and you like him too?

Think about what would be best for all the parties involved. What would be best for you? What would be best for "the guy"? and most importantly What would be best for your best friend? You do not want to ruin the relationship with your friend because of another relationship that might not last very long.

What should you do if you think a friend who has a girlfriend is interested in you?

Do nothing until their relationship ends. You would seem like the relationship destroyer if you made a move now.

How to stay friends after a failed relationship?

The best way to stay friends after a failed relationship is to forgive one another like any friend would.

When 2 guys like you and you like them both but one does not want a relationship what do you do?

If one of it doesn't like a relationship.. so just treated him as a friend.. as the other guy.. you can continue to have a serious relationship or else ignore them and find another guy which you feel more convenience, secure and most important he do care and love you.

Who would like to be my friend?

Sure! I dont mind being your friend. :)

What should i do when i have a girlfriend and i like my Friend?

If you are serious about the relationship and like your girlfriend more than the friend, then ignore the feelings and get over it. If you like the friend more than your girlfriend and the friend likes you, then possibly end the relationship and start a new one with your "friend". Don't be scared to break up with your girlfriend and end up cheating on her. Just remember, if you like your girlfriend more, ignore the feelings and move on; and if you like the friend more and the friend likes you, end the relationship.

How do you deal with having a crush on your best friend's boyfriend when she is about to dump him and he already wants you?

Be open and honest with your best friend and be sure she still doesn't love her boyfriend. If she doesn't then let her know you care about him and would like to have a relationship with him.

Who does Nikola like?

He had a good relationship with his friend Twain

What to tell a gay friend?

Just keep a normal convestion. It is not hard; Like hey how are you basics. What is your relationship with this friend, or what is your intended relationship?

What should you do if you like your brother's xgirl friend's xboy friend?

do what you would do with any other guy you like. i think that relationship is to distant to count

How would you tell your parents you're in a relationship when you're in middle school?

Hi there, parents, I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine.

What do a Christian have to do in a day?

Live a normal life. There is no rules you have to follow to be a christian in your everyday life. Being a Christian is a relationship with God! Treat Him like a friend! Talk to Him! like u would a friend.