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How do you tell your parents that you don't want to be treated like a baby anymore?

Well if you have a GF or BF just tell them that you have a GF or BF and they should understand that you are growing up now

Should your bf be mad if you tell your parents what you did with him but not tell him you told them?

Yes. He may be a more reserved & private man & if you intended to tell your parents, you should have let him know you were going to.

Just gave oral to my bf and do not know if I should tell my parents or not what would you do?

yes tell ur parentAnswer :No. Why would you tell them?

You want to go on a date withmy bf but his parents dont know you are dating what do you do?

I have no idea but that's the same thing that's happening to me but you may want your bf to tell his parents that you guys are dating. Im helpless though cuz hes not allowed to date.

How do you date a guy without your parents knowing?

Tell your parents that you are going with a bunch of friends somewhere but don't say you're going with your BF. This is not really lying because you WOULD be going with a bunch of friends. You could also REALLY lie and say you're going with some friends but just go somewhere with your BF, but if you lie like that you might get in big trouble if your parents find out. Make sure not to talk about the guy you're dating around your parents, and tell your friends to never mention it around your parents.

What should you do when a friend asks you out on a date but you have a bf?

tell him no and then explain that its nothing against him you just already have a bf

How do you tell your bf its over?

tell him to go to the doctor and tell him whats going on and then ask for a taco(:

How do you dump your bf?

You aren't married to a bf, just tell them you're done with them, and explain why if you want to. Then walk away.

How do you tell if the girl you like has a bf?

if she has herpes on her face.

Who is the Leading Australia or Oceana producer of coal?

Its Australia.Boys! Me= (4 boys only)online gf and bf if u want. me not allowed to date but who cares! if we r, dont tell ur parents. me want bf

How do you tell your friends you had a make out session with your bf?

tell them very calmly and let them get excited.

How do you tell your parents you want to kiss your boyfriend?

well it matters if u want to tell them in the first place and how old u r if ur a teen u can tell them after it happens but make sure its def ur bf otherwise u mite get talked about

When you are are happy with this guy when you are together but can't imagine introducing him to your parents as your boyfriend what should you do?

Give ur parents and ur boyfriend a headsup..prepare them to meet the unexpected..than suprise them..meanin tell ur boyfriend ahead of what ur parents expect of him and how this is really important to you..this way ur bf will prepare himself..and u can help him..tell ur parents how much u appreciate this guy..and warn them about somethin they might find out of the ordinary about ur boyfriend..and who knows ur parents may end up disagreein cause ur bf..was good enough to change that...just remember that if they ur bf makes the right choices and just has minor flaws thats..ok..just remember to be safe..and ur parents know wuts best for you

You want to sneak out with your bf to the movies how can you do this or why can you say to your parents PS you cnt drive?

Tell your parents, your very sleepy. then lock your door. sneak out the window. then find a ride. but make sure you know then or tell your boyfriend to pick you up.[if he can drive] ha ha lols... if you get caught your srewed!! lols.

How do you get your parents to let you have a boyfriend at the age of 12?

You should make an example. "my friend tracy was talking with this guy today, and now they are BF and GF, what do you think about it?" Listen to what they have to say, and then say "what do you think about me having a BF" they will either say if it is good or bad for you... <In most cases it is better to not tell your parents that you have a boyfriend, because it will cause a 2 hour talk or so.>

How do you say sorry to your bf?

be really sexual but dont tell him

How do you get your bf to dump you?

tell him call of duty is a crappy game

How can you stop cheating on your boyfriend Boyfriends HELP?

well i think you should tell your bf's bf that you cant keep sneaking around with him and you should tell your bf if the problem doesnt subcide.

How can a boyfriend impress parents?

well i have a bf and i just said to him just be nice

What to do when your ex bf is talking to your bf and is saying things that u did in the past that u don't want shared with him just yet now that he knows and is starting to act different what do u do?

Tell your ex bf to leave you and your bf alone. Then have a talk with your bf and try to explain the things that you did in the past and why you did it. . .etc

If parents have a notary saying that you can be with your bf who is 20 and im 15 will he be OK we also plan on marriage and more?

Your parents are insane.

My mom said that if I want to see my bf then his parents have to be home They won't be but I really want to see him What should I say to her?

If your mom said that you can only see your boyfriend when his parents are home, you should honor that. If you don't want to, then just tell her they will be home, but this is wrong.

How do you get your mom to break up with her bf?

Tell your mom! If you really don't like him you should tell her how you feel!

What is the song meaning for kiss and tell by kesha?

Kesha's bf cheated on her

What is the differrence of I love you and im in love with you?

"I love you" tends to be a little more broad than "I'm in love with you." For instance; you tell your parents "I love you," you tell your siblings "I love you." You would never tell your little brother you were in love with him... "I'm in love with you" is much more romantic... like you would tell your bf/gf you were in love with them. Not really anyone else. I'm not telling you that you should say "I'm in love with you" then next time you see your bf/gf; just that they are really the only people you will tell that to.