How do you tell your wife you want a divorce if you're in love with a younger woman?

I would really think about this new adventure you are going on. Older people really get a lift when someone young is enamored with us. However, a wise person would see that the younger person without knowing it respects the older person (that's a responsibility WE have to deal with) and looks on really as a good friend, someone wise, even as father or mother figures but the young sometimes confuse this with love.

If you have children as well that is a responsibility you took on as and it takes two to have kids! Before you leap into the pit of infidelity take time away BY YOURSELF and rethink this all out before you say anything to your wife.

If you are truly in love with this young woman then it's best to be honest with your wife and ask for a divorce. Of course her heart will break in two and if you have kids it will be tough on them as well. Whatever you do, leave her some dignity and don't rub her nose in the fact you have met someone younger.

I want to remind you as a man, that it works both ways. Just as you can roam around and have a fling with a young woman, so can your wife meet someone that will make her happy and I want you to think if this new relationship doesn't work out for you there is no going back. You could end up broken-hearted and kicking yourself in the butt for leaving your wife and you'll be the one on the other side of the bay window with your nose pressed against the glass watching your wife with someone she is very much in love with.

Next time you look into the eyes of that younger woman, you ask yourself honestly if you are doing her any favors or are you just being selfish and fulfilling your needs.

Gee, you don't know the first thing about love, and your wife will probably back me on this once she finds out you are in lust with another woman. Love is about commitment and unselfish acts of generosity toward another. Getting involved and sexually using a younger woman while you are still obligated to another is entirely selfish and unloving to BOTH women. Eventually the younger one will see this, too. You cannot avoid relationship and personal turmoil forever by seeking extramarital affairs and escapes into fantasyland. The new relationship will still have the same old man in it who lack integrity and loyalty. It will fail, because you cleary do not comprehend the meaning of love. However you tell your wife what an ass you are, I pray that she will forgive you and move on completely. She deserves better.

"Love is about self-enjoyment, not self denial." (Ayn Rand) People's values, goals and natures can change at different stages of life because of various emotional, social or personal experiences. These changes can cause people to grow apart. The values and natures of the two people in the new relationship may be more aligned than the old relationship, which will cause it to thrive. It's always sad when a marriage dies, there's pain on both sides. But it's better to be honest and end a marriage, than to stay resentful and bitter in a dead marriage.