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back up close to a door or building... press brake pedal... look into mirror to see if lts are lit

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โˆ™ 2009-04-17 05:07:22
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Q: How do you test the brake lights on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?
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Brake lights stay on 2002 mountaineer?

check the brake light switch

How do you turn on fog lights for 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

On a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer : Put your low beam head lights on and pull the headlight selector switch towards you

How come the Brake lights stay on in 2002 mercury mountaineer?

If the ((ABS)) Light is on then it's a good thing indicating that the Antilock brakes sensor is in good condition. I too have a 2002 mountaineer

What type of brake fluid 2002 mercury mountaineer?

On a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer : ( DOT 3 brake fluid meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A ) According to the Owner Guide

What fuse controls the park release on a 2002 mercury mountaineer?

Should be common to the brake light circuit

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