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The only way to travel at the speed of light is to not have any mass.


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No. It has been stated that the speed of light can be approached, but people think it would rip a hole in the fabric of time if it happened.

i don`t think planets travel at the speed of light

If it were possible to go any faster than the speed of light, you would see things happening before anybody else does, therefore technically, once we break the barrier for being able to travel faster than the speed of light (which is probably not possible), then yes, it is possible to time travel into the future. (By the way, the speed of light is about 300,000,000 metres per second - so good luck with this!!) However, it is impossible to ever travel back in time. I think I've answered this - hope it helps!

Of course (think of ave speed for a trip - while waiting at a stop light).

speed of light I think well it sounds right:)

Light travels at the maximum speed in vacuum, which is found to be 299 729 458 meters per second. Velocity of light is a constant and it cannot be altered. Nothing in the universe can travel greater than that of light. He means nothing with mass can travel faster than the speed of light. If a particle were to have no mass or negative mass it would be able to travel greater than then the speed of light. But seeing as the only thing i can think of that has no mass is thought. Although i have read the publications of some scientists that are trying to prove that though has mass. The only place things will be able to travel faster then the speed of light will be in our minds, literally.

Yes, it can. Right now, a team of scientist just discovered an atom that is faster than the speed of light. Meaning if we go faster than light, it is possible to time travel. Just think, in a few decades from now people could time tavel!

A person cannot travel the speed of light because a propellant to move a space ship in the vacuum of space would have to travel faster than light speed. Since everything is relative, nothing travels faster than light speed (speed C). If light, for example, was to power a space ship by pushing on giant panels it would still not be able to push the space ship fast enough to travel at light speed. If the energy was in light, enough to push a spaceship to almost light speed, it would still not have enough energy to push the space ship to light speed. It would still be slower. Think of light speed like this: If you wer an ant walking as fast as you could and we make this the speed of a jet liner, light speed would still be the speed of the Earth going around the sun. The speed of light is vastly faster than any machine ever made.

It depends which version of superman? Golden age superman could run faster than a locomotive, later the speed of a bullet (500-2000 m/s) Silver age superman could travel at trans-lightspeeds Modern age superman (1986) could travel at roughly 1% the speed of light Current superman...i think just under light speed or light speed top velocity

At a speed 212 000 kilometers per second you have a relativistic gamma of 1.41, and you will time 365 days of travel when travelling one light-year. You would think that effectively you were going at light-speed! An observer would see you going slower though, and would time your trip to over 516 days.

The speed of light seems to be a speed limit in the Universe - it isn't possible to transport matter, energy, or information faster than that. Others think that gravity travels faster; Einstein created a universe with an infinate speed of gravity -- it's in the geometry.

Not in our present understanding of physics. In all of our present mainstream physics' rulesets, in order for any object with mass to travel at the speed of light, it would require infinite energy, and that is just not going to happen. Don't even begin to think about going faster than light. That said, there are always new things "just around the corner", but consider this... If faster than light travel were possible, why haven't we been visited by extraterrestrial beings? Hmmm...

There are a ridiculous amount of uses that arise involving the speed of light. A well known one is E=mc^2, where E is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light. That equation explains why nuclear fission and fusion is possible (think atom bombs and the sun).

I think that if you cut your energy, you would eventually slow down, also, you could induce drag. Relative to its own intertial frame of reference, it is not possible for any object to actually accelerate to the speed of light, let alone surpass it. If you could reach light speed, there would be no passage of time for you.

it can, we just dont know how yet, but when we do, i think that ther will be a great blinding light and then if we go faster than that speed, if you look backwords you will see the light trying to catch up with you It is not possible for an object to accelerate to the speed of light relative to its starting frame of inertial reference. At least, not in space as we understand it today. You may not believe this part: we are all traveling at light speed when we are at rest. Objects at rest travel through timeat light speed. Einstein said E=mc2 meaning that to reach light speed (c) an object must have infinite energy (no such thing) also as an object accelerates it gains mass until at c it becomes infinite in mass

may be human torch i think.... iron man can travel at sound speed but human torch in supernova flames can reach at light

First of all, how would you go about to do that? I don't think that is even possible.

They don't. If such a vacuum collapse is even possible - which is not at all sure - the collapse could randomly start somewhere, and then expand either at the speed of light, or at a speed close to the speed of light.

i think its wavelength divided by speed of light (speed of light=frequency*wavelength)

Technically yes. Your thoughts travel approximately 1500 times faster than the speed of light ( That's 279000000 miles per second) So when you think to move your leg, your thought travels from your brain to your leg faster than light would. but you can phyicly move your body parts faster than the speed of light

You see dark the same time light is gone I don't know but I think the speed of dark is as fast as the speed of light

I don't think the speed of light is carried by an energy. The light itself, however, possesses kinetic energy.

I think that they are both the same, as they are both electromagnetic radiation. Hence they both travel at the speed of light.

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