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Nasty nasty cars, however if you MUST fix this problem here goes: look under bonnet right hand side, you will see the cable end going into the clutch fork Spray WD40 onto the white plastic adjuster and retire for tea and cigarette pull cable off the clutch fork Wind the plastic adjuster up or down the thread of the cable end to tighten or slacken the clutch cable. Put cable end / adjuster back onto clutch release fork sell the car and buy someting less wishy washy! hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2006-03-05 15:49:41
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Q: How do you tighten the clutch cable on a daewoo nexia 1.5?
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How do you change a clutch cable on a Daewoo nexia?

Daewoo nexia is with hidrolic sistem for clutch. There is no cable

You need timing mark for Daewoo?

what daewoo. espero, nexia which one there all different.

Where would you find the engine number for Daewoo Nexia?

Hi! I'm owner of daewoo nexia 1.5 l 16 v 1997 i find in body number all about my car . put whis nr in google and serch . hope to help you..

Where is the injector pump on a Daewoo nexia?

in fuel tank, after pull out the rear seat you will able to find the same.

Is the daewoo nexia engine 1.5l the same as opel kadett 1.3?

It isnt the same, but Nexia 1.5 engine was made out of Opel Kadett's 1.3 or 1.6(small block 1.6 which had 82hp not the big one which had 90hp).

Where can i get a workshop manual for a Daewoo Nexia GLX I?

When working on a car, it is important to have the manual. A Manual can be bought at auto shop stores, and online.

Where is the thermostat om Daewoo nexia?

Where a big black hose goes into the upper pat of the motor from radiator When you remove the body of thermostat you have to disassemble it and then you will see it.

Does daewoo nexia 1.5 have a lamp indicator for fuel?

Yes, there is a lamp for the fuel. It is on the same line, where all other lamps are lokated, in the right end of the line.

How do you tighten the clutch cable on a Daewoo nexia?

what you need to do is find the adjuster which is if you look over your battery about 12"below you will see a bar with the a long threaded bar on the side nearest to the inside of the car is a clip take this off be careful if you drop it its a pain to find on the other side you will see a block which is shaped into the metal what you need to do is withh your right hand on the back of threaded bar push forward this will move the block on the otherside and reveal some more thread what you need to do is with left hand tigten the block towards your right hand about 5-6 turns ..that done now try your clutch if it feels ok replace the clip VERY IMPORTANT if not keep turning and trying tony.t

Where is the fuel filter in a Daewoo Nexia?

The fuel filter in a deawoo Nexia is located under the car at the right side of the back door. To release the filter, you must have 12" and 17" wrench. 12" for the filter clamp and 17" for the nipples pipe that connected to the filter by intake and outflow of tha fuel.

Daewoo Nexia 1.5 Can a broken cambelt wreck engine?

8 valve engine is freewheeling. very little chance of engine damage. 16 valve is an interference engine. Most likely damage will have occured.

What did the scientists at Nexia Biotechnologies do?

In 2001, two scientists at Nexia Biotechnologies in Canada spliced spider genes into the cells of lactating goats.

What is the unlock code for a Daewoo nexia radio?

Hi there. The radio code for the the Nexia is obtained from the serial number of the unit. You need to remove the radio, look for the serial number label on the side, then take the8th digit, followed by the 6th digit, followed by the 4th digit, followed by the 2nd digit. For example, my serial number is 60721203, which makes my unlocking code 3220 which worked a treat. Happy listening!

Unstable idle engine running check engine lamp is blinking explosions in inlet manifold What is the problem Daewoo Nexia 1.5 16V?

Check the lambda sensor, and clean the idle control valve. Iac is placed in the back side of trothle.

How do you check automatic fluid on a daewoo nexia 1.5?

It is important to check and maintain the fluids in a car. There is a dipstick in this car, under the car's hood labeled Transmission or ATF. While the car is warm, pull it out, wipe it off, dip it back in, and pull it out and check the level.

How do you set the valve and ignition timing on a 1997 Daewoo Nexia what are the torque settings for the cylinder head?

You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with diagnostics and specs -- make copies of the right sections as they are usually only available in the REFERENCE section...good luck :) Try this place all the manuals for Daewoo, you should find what you are looking for Kind regards Dangleberry Also there is the Daewoo UK owners club @ Dangleberry

If the timing belt breaks on the daewoo nexia does it bend the valves?

My timing belt broke and all the exhoust valves bent, so I heated them and bent them strait, then ground them runs great now! couldn't find head gasket, reused old one, copper coat spray worked.

Where can you obtain a cam belt timing diagram for a 1996 Daewoo Nexia 1500 16-valve?

I checked the librarys online website, and no luck... You might have to buy a factory manual from a dealer $$ or see if the engine type is the same as another vehicle(call a parts department and pick brains) dave

What is the problem noisy inside timing belt Daewoo Nexia DOHC Engine 1500cc Injection year 1999 can I now download repair manual for the whole car including how to take off dashboard and the wiring?

The only manual I can find is on the website. It's all Romanian but you may find the diagrams helpful. Charlie

Where is the thermostat in a dawoo nexia 1.5 gli engine?

the thermostat is behind the timing belt cover on the engine block

How do you replace a fuel pump on a daewoo nexia?

The fuel pump is located under the rear seat on the right side. When you bend the sead, you will see a black plastic cover, under wich is the pump. Unplug elektric cables and fuel hose, then loose the bolts. Pull the pump up. It is fuel level indicator and pump assembly. You can remove the pump and replace it itself.

Can someone please supply a Daewoo 1995 1.5i workshop manual.?

Likewise I'd be interested in one too. I have looked and it seems that Haynes and the otehr car book people do not have a manual for this car. Take Care Dave hello i have been told that haynes did not see the nexia popular enough to make a manual big shame as i needed one but i have found that the Mk2 astra one covers most of it craig Thanks to Radu Demene over at Daewoo Romania, I was able to get my hands on an ENGLISH Cielo User Manual. Radu, you're my hero!! NaZz

How Do You Remove Rear Brake Hub on a Daewoo Nexia 1.5 Gli?

It may be necessary to relax the handbrake-wire a little (the connection to the lever is just next to the catalytic converter under the car). On the front of the hub then, there is a small crosshead screw you need to remove. Then it remains to slowly jerk the hub off. It will not come off easily since the brake-shoes just barely pass the inner rim of the hub.

When change timing belt on Daewoo nexia?

Timing belt on the Nexia should be change every 60 thousand miles, but due to the plastic enclosure, oil leaks and extreme weather variations timing belt could suffer major wear and tear way before the recommended replacement mileage point is reached. I would check for oil leaks that stream down the timing belt area and to take care of them at once and then proceed to decide if replacing the belt would be a safe practice. Timing belt replacement might as well implicate replacement of idler and tensioner pulley, plus water pump, and I would consider it overall a major repair that requires time and patience. The amount of money most shops would charge you makes convenient for the do-it-yourselfer to attempt the repair.

How can you fix a misfire on a Daewoo Nexia if leads and plugs are ok?

hello belive it or not my N reg 1.5 nexia returned from the garage today but still had a misfire so i changed the dizy cap leads plugs and rotery arm but guese what still misfired ............................. so after much head scraching swearing and contemplating getting a new ditributer i went back to the garage to bite the bullit while i was there the mechanic decided that it wasnt getting any fuel to cylinder number 2 so had a look behind the top of the engine there on plaine veiw is 4 electric plugs each with 2 wires going in to them , for the injectors he very simply pushed down on them and we heard a click problem solved no misfire :-) apparently these shake loose after a number of miles an takes the fuel away fron the pot so hope this helps it worked for me let us know if it worked for you here is hoping :-)