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I just had to do this in order to replace my water pump. If you're not mechanically inclined I'd strongly suggest you have someone certified set the timing. Since then my 91 talon revs up and down as long as it's running. I just bought an Idle Control Valve. I hope this will fix the surging.

There are notches, or timing marks located on the sprockets that have to be accurately lined up in order to set the timing. hope this helps.

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What engine oil should you use in your 1991 eagle talon?

warm time 10w40 and cold time 0w30. synthetic or semi-synthetic.

Quarter mile time for stock eagle talon tsi fwd?

15.090 @ 92 mph

Quarter mile time for stock eagle talon tsi awd?

It depends if you have a 1G or 2G 4G63, but on average low 15's

What is involved in an automatic to manual transmission swap in a 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD?

The basics are money, time, parts, knowledgeable people and/or manuals.

What is the estimated top speed on a stock 1995 talon?

A stock 1995 Eagle Talon ESi, which is the non-turbo variant, will reach speeds of 145 mph. I am sure this car can go faster with a little wrench time and a lot of patience...

Can you run a turbo and a supercharger at the same time on a 1991 talon?

Yes it is possible. You would be better off running 2 turbos.

How hard is it to change the water pump on 95 eagle talon?

its not hard but time consuming best way to do this is to go get a chilton repair manual it will walk you through it

What motors will fit in a 1997 eagle talon?

420A esi motor 2.0 or can go with a tsi motor with a turbo but involves alot of time work and money

Car idle fluctuates from 700rpm to 2500rpms up and down as long as it's running. Whenever I press the gas and let off of it the car stays accelerated for a period of time.?

91 talon nonturbo Check for vacuum leaks. IAC (idle air control) may be sticking or bad.

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You want to swap your non turbo engine on your 1996 eagle talon for a turbo engine is it a good idea?

Horrible idea unless you have a LOT of MONEY, TIME, AND EXPERIENCE! But if you have all three of those Go for it!

Can you change an Eagle Talon automatic transmission to a manual and about how much does it usually cost?

You dont need a new engine you just need a manual flywheel and a clutch kit, dont get a clutch kit from a parts store though, you can get a racing clutch kit offline for cheaper most of the timeAnswerYes you can change an auto to a manual. All you have to do is buy the engine and manual transmission and the tranny bolts right in. At least that is what I have heard b/c i want to do it to my 1995 Eagle Talon. and about $1000 in labor.

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How long will a 97 eagle talon esi last?

they will last a very long time well over 200,000 miles if they are maintained good make sure to change oil every 3,000 miles just give it its tune ups

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How do you install a turbo in a 1992 eagle talon?

If it is a non turbo DSM go here, but I recommend just buying a different car unless you have a lot of time and money. or

What is wrong when a 94 Eagle Talon dies as soon as you turn the air conditioning is turned on?

Check your idling speed it might be too low to support the AC motor, so when you turn on the AC the engine dies, try increasing the idling speed a bit at a time.

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Whats the best way to change the CV boots on a 1990 Eagle Talon?

The best way is to replace the complete halfshaft/axle assembly with a rebuilt unit. You will be done in no time. Replacing the boots is a chore and the cost of a rebuilt axle isn't much more than the boot kits.

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