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How do you time a 240sx?

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2011-09-12 22:36:28

With the engine off, look around the crank pulley (the big one

with 2 or 3 belts at the bottom) towards the upper left of the

pulley there is a pin sticking out of the engines front cover,

clean it, we will use this to time the motor. Clean the rim of the

pulley as well, you may notice some white lines etched into the

pulley make sure they are extra clean.

Next attach a timing gun to the battery and to the No. 1 spark

plug wire making sure all wires are placed in a way that they can

not get caught in the fan. Then loosten the two bolts holding the

distributor to the motor.

If your reading this I'll assume that the car will not start or

it runs sluggishly so have a friend hop in the car and crank it for

you (only crank, pumping the gas is NOT needed). So while he (or

she if your lucky) cranks the car look with the timing gun at the

pin we cleaned earlier, when the timing gun flashes you should see

little white tick marks on the pulley count from the left 5 marks

now turn the distributor until that mark lines up with the pin. Let

the engine warm up.

Once the engine is warm you need to unclip the throttle position

sensor. If your having trouble finding this stand at the front of

the car and look on top of the silver pipes on the left. There

should be one or two thick black cables heading down toward the

front of the engine and end at the throttle body. There should be a

wire with a gray connector coming out of the right side of the

throttle body.

Unplug the gray connector. Now rev the engine up to 3000rpm

several times, check the timing with the gun and line up the marks

on the pulley to the pin like before. Tighten the distributor and

check the marks one last time, then plug the gray clip back in.

DONE! (note: there's another connector with many wires (12+) near

the throttle position sensor's connector, this is not the right

one, leave it alone)

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