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Wow! What a question: From the right femoral vein up to the inferior vena cava, then into the heart's right atrium, past the tricuspid valve, into the right ventricle, then up past the pulmonary semilunar valve, out of the heart and into the pulmonary trunk, into the pulmonary arteries, to the lungs, then the pulmonary veins bring the blood back to the heart's left atrium, past the mitral valve, into the left ventricle, past the aortic semilunar valve, then out of the heart into the Aortic arch, down the dorsal Aorta, into the inferior mesenteric artery, and then into the colon, or large intestine. That was one heck of a trip!

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What Large vein that lets all blood from the lower part of the body enter the heart's upper right side?

Femoral vein

What is the blood flow of the small intestines to the right atrium of the heart?

for blood to reach the right atrium from the small intestines it follows this path: Small veins - portal vein- liver- inferior caval vein - right atrium The blood flows mostly northwards

How do you trace the blood from the femoral artery to the right big toe?

Blood flow in the leg begins at the femoral artery. From there, it runs to the popliteal artery, anterior tibial artery, dorsalis pedis artery, and finally, the dorsal metatarsal arteries.

How does food move to the stomach?

It goes threw tour esophagus (your throat) to your small intestines to your large intestines to your nice, large, plump stomach creepy right! Lol!

Where is the large intestines located?

The large intestines are located in the peritoneal sack. Inside, they start at lower right abdominal area, go up, across, down, across, and down into the rectum and anus.

Is there a major arterie in the right leg?

femoral arteries

What organ in the right hypochondriac region?

many such as liver ,gall bladder , both small and large intestines , and kidneys.

I have two femoral arteries in each legWho else has this condition?

My mum has two femoral arteries in her right leg and one in the left.

Where does the large intestines go?

The small intestines go all around your stomach and joins the Large Intestines at the lower Right of you body. Then it runs up and then around the front of your "stomach" just below the belt line and then down the Left side to the annus. the large intestine leads to the bowls, and it preforms the act of removing all fluids (i.e. water) from the waste product, solidifying it

How do you trace the path of a catheter from right femoral artery to the left coronary artery?

Right Femoral Artery -> Right External Iliac Artery -> Right Common Iliac Artery -> Abdominal Aorta -> Aorta -> Right Coronary Artery I think below is a better answer: R Femoral A. > R Ext. Iliac > R Common Iliac > Abdominal Aorta> Thoracic Aorta > Aortic Arch

What is the large vein that directs blood to the right atrium?


Trace the blood flow of a human from head to leg?

Head (In arteries)> Arterial Capillary Bed>Venus Capillary Bed>Veins>Jugular Veins>Superiod Vena Cava> Right Atrium (of heart>Right Ventricle (of Heart)> Pulmonary Arteries>Left Atrium (Of heart)> Left Ventricle (Of heart)>Aorta>Femoral Artery. After the Femoral artery the blood flow varries, unless you can give a more specific answer than "leg"

What is the large blood vessel that returns deoxygenated blood to the right atrium?

Pulmonary Semilunar Valve

What body cavity is the rectum located?

It is located in the lower portion of the abdominal is the ending portion of the large intestines right before the anus...

What organs are on the rightside of body?

The organs that are on the right side of the body are, the liver, kidney, and a lung. There are some portion of the large and small intestines as well.

The large vessel which receives blood from the right ventricle?

The Pulmonary Artery which takes the deoxygenated blood to the lungs.

If a balloon catheter is passed from the right femoral artery to the right coronary artery what arterial structures does it pass through?

Right femoral artery, right external iliac artery, right common iliac artery, abdominal aorta, thoracic aorta, descending aorta, aortic arch, ascending aorta, right coronary artery.

What are all the structures blood flows through from the small intestines to the right atrium?

Portal vein, liver, hepatic vein, inferior vena cava.

What is widely patent right profunda?

No clot or other blockage was found in the right deep femoral aftery. Good news.

Pulmonary embolism the pathway of a blood clot from the leg to the lungs?

The clot runs up the femoral vein into the iliac vein then into the inferior vena cava then into the righr atrium to the right ventricle from where it is pumped into the lungs.

Does blood go to the pulmonary artery after leaving the aorta?

Nope. It goes to the kidneys or intestines first.... It starts at the Left lung. Travels into the left atrium and then into the left ventricle. Then up into the aorta and then gets separated into the kidneys and intestines. From the inestines it enters the liver and ends up in the right atrium and then the right ventricle. From there it goes to the pulmonary artery and then into the right lung.

Trace the path of blood flow from small intestine to right arm?

Weird man ... small intestines, portal vein, liver, inferior vena cava, right heart, lungs, left heart, aorta, right arm.

A large vessel that returns deoxygenated blood to the right atrium?

Pulmonary Semilunar Valve

Large blood vessel carrying oxygen-poor blood to the right atrium from the lower half of the body?

pulmonary veins

What is the path that blood takes through the circulatory system starting at the right atrium of a human?

It depends on where the blood ends up. Let's say we are talking about the path from right atrium to the foot: right atrium-->right ventricle-->lungs-->left atrium-->left ventricle-->aorta-->iliac artery-->external iliac artery-->femoral artery-->popliteal artery-->anterior tibial artery-->dorsalis pedis artery.