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You will waste alot of money and time attempting to get info on a particular Sharps. Coates& McCauly have printed a nice descriptive book called CivilWar Sharps Carbines & it they list the KNOWN records of Sharps Rifles & Carbines that can be attributed to a mustering out list to an individual & military unit along with the serial number of the weapon mustered. You can WASTE HUNDREDS of dollars in hoping you will find something to an individual...get the book on save yourself grief/money.....Guy

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Is it possible that your 1863 rifle musket and its matching serial number bayonet are genuine?

It is possilbe.

1863 state of Louisiana one hundred dollars?

If the serial number is 2650 it's a modern replica.

When did track and field originate?

November 7, 1863

How old is a Knabe piano serial number 37325?

The Knabe Piano Company began in Baltimore, MD in 1837. Knabe pianos with a 4 digit serial number are from about 1863 or earlier. 5-digit Knabe pianos, then are from about 1864 - 1927, when the company finally surpassed 100000. In your case, a Knabe piano with serial 37325 would have been built somewhere between 1890, when they started at serial 33000 and 1895, when they had reached 43000.

What is value of old stieff upright piano serial number 1346s bought from DeFontes and Welmon established 1863 located at 327 north Charles street in Baltimore?

it could be worth upward of $13,000 depending on the condition, if it includes the original bench, if its been refurbished at all. there should be a serial number inside the piano to determine the year made and worth

When was Brahms Hungarian Dance number 5 written?


How many people were injured in the Battle of Gettysburg?

The Battle of Gettysburg took place from July 1, 1863 to July 3, 1863. The number of injured was 27,224, and the total number killed was 7,863.

What is the value of the iba gardone vt 1863 sharps carbine?

These seem to sell for $400-$500, with a LOT of complaints regarding quality of workmanship. I have no personal experience with these, but if you are considering buying, you may want to do some research first.

What is the phone number of the Santee Library in Santee?

The phone number of the Santee Library is: 619-448-1863.

What standard gauge of track did US railroads finally adopt in 1886?

The standard gauge of railroad track in the US was established by the US Congress at four feet, eight and one half inches on March 3, 1863, not in 1886.

What standard gauge of track did the US adopt in 1886?

The standard gauge of railroad track was established by the US Congress on March 3, 1863 at four feet, eight and one half inches. It was not adopted in 1886 and it is still that dimension.

What could you buy with a penny in 1863?

There are a number of things that you could buy with a penny in 1863. Some of them included groceries, books, pens, toys and so much more.

Is 1863 divisible by 2?

Only numbers that end with 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 are divisible by 2. __________________ Of course 1863 is divisible by two. Any real number is. The question does not specify that the answer must be a whole number without remainder.

How did the Oklahoma Race Track in Saratoga Springs get its name?

Horse racing at Saratoga began in 1863. In 1864 a new track was built across the street from the original track, which is the Saratoga Race Track that is used today. The old track was renamed the Horse Haven and was (and still is) used for training purposes. Oklahoma Track is a nickname for the Horse Haven, supposedly for its not-so-close proximity to the main Saratoga Race Track. It is said that someone once complained that the Horse Haven was so far away from the main track that "it might as well be in Oklahoma".

What state saw the greatest number of Union battle victories between 1862 and 1863?


When did football come to America?

in 1863 in 1863

What century was it when it was 1863?

1863 was in the 19th century.

When did Mendel perform his experiments and how many plants did he grow?

The genetic experiments Mendel did with pea plants took him eight years (1856-1863) and he published his results in 1865. During this time, Mendel grew over 10,000 pea plants, keeping track of progeny number and type.

Neumann Brothers double barrel shotgun?

That will be an assembly number. Serial numbers were not required on long arms made or imported to the US until 1968, so very few manufacturers assigned them. Since Neumann started making shotguns about 1863, the barrels could be damascus. If so, there will be a pattern of loops or swirls.ASSEMBLY NUMBER IS 4113.

What is the phone number of the Michigan Transit Museum in Mount Clemens Michigan?

The phone number of the Michigan Transit Museum is: 586-463-1863.

What is 1947 minus 1863?

1947 - 1863 = 84

In 1863 did they have war planes?

No, there were no airplanes at all in 1863.

Which emergency response guide number will be used to determine the emergency response information for un 1863?


What emergency response guide number will be used to determine the emergency response information for UN 1863?


What are the 35TH and 37TH state in union?

Number 35 was West Virginia in 1863, and 37 was Nebraska in 1867.