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How do you trade Jirachi from Pokemon Channel to Pokemon Ruby?

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Trading from Channel to Ruby

you need a cable that has a gamecube wire with it,you can get it at wallmart or toys rus.

Trading stuff

As the previous answer states; you do need a gamecube to gameboy advance cable.

You also need to make sure that in Pokemon Channel you have unlocked the option to trade jirachi.

In Pokemon ruby/sapphire you need to have beaten the elite four and the champion and you need to have saved last in a Pokemon centre.

Link the GBA to the gamecube using the aforementioned cable and then turn on the GBA and the gamecube. With Pokemon channel wait for the main menu (don't load the game), go into options and jirachi will be one of them. The game's instruction booklet explains this much better

Hope I helped

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You can't. You can only get jirachi in ruby and sapphire. You would have to trade from ruby or sapphire.

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trade from ruby/Sapphire/emerald/firered/leafgreen. you can get them in these game bay special event, collosium bonus disc, or in Pokemon channel.

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Umm....Gameshark Cheats,and trading. If its on Ruby and Sapphire,its on the Pokemon colloseum and Pokemon channel

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If you have the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc for the Gamecube and Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire (and a special cable), you can download Jirachi onto one of those games and trade it to Emerald. I also hear you can get Jirachi on Pokemon Channel and send it to your games. Other than that, you have to cheat. :(

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there is 202 and you have to trade Pokemon and find them you were forgetting jirachi and deoxes

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