How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

Easy! step one:grab you ds. step two:turn the power on. step 3: press a button on Pokemon diamond. step 4:wait until the main menu comes on. step 5:press start. step 6:congrats!!!! you have entered the Pokemon world!!!!!!!!! (sinnoh region). step 7 and 8 and 9 included in here:go to any Pokemon centre in sinnoh region.go upstairs and talk to the second lady.go in front of her and press a the she will ask you "welcome to the club union may interact directly with many players here.would you like to enter the room?"so press a on yes. step 10:she will ask you"ds communications will be launched."press a on yes. step 11:they will ask you"would you like to save the game?" step 12:say yes and wait she will say"i hope you will enjoy your time in the union room. step 13,14:congrats for entering the union room!so talk to the lady in the room for info.or talk to your friend in the room to.tell your friend these instructions to ok? so when you both are in the room press a on your friend and you will see on the menu "trade" and some other options. step 15:press trade and wait till your friend agrees. step 16:congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you entered the trading room!!!!!!!!!! step 17 and step 18:you will see you party Pokemon so prees a on one and let your friend do that to!!!!!!!!! CONGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRATS!!!!!!!!!!! you have traded one of you Pokemon for another one! NOTICE:CONNECTION WILL BE TERMINATED IF YOU FRIEND OR YOU TURNS THE POWER OFF OR PREES BUTTON B. NOTICE:IF YOUR FRIEND DOESENT HAVE THIS SOFTWARE WE ARE SORRY TO TELL YOU CONNECTION WILL NOT WORK. NOTICE:CONNECTION IS ONLY AVALIBLE TO POKEMON DIAMOND TM,POKEMON PEARL TM. SINCERLY:Rishi raj chopra.POKEMON COMPANY TM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.