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How do you trade Pokemon with a wireless adapter?

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you just have to plug the wireles adaptor and then have it close to another wirelles adaptor to trade with that person

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What can you do if you have one wireless adapter for Pokemon LeafGreen?

U can trade with the help of a wireless adapter.

Can you trade Pokemon with a wireless adapter on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes You Can.

How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon firered?

A Gameboy Advance Wireless Adapter.

What is the wireless adapter in Pokemon LeafGreen?

wireless is an adaptor which you can trade Pokemon from faraway go to one island

Can you trade Pokemon between emerald and firered without a wireless adapter?


Is it possible to trade Pokemon without a wireless adapter in pearl?

yes its possiple theres people in houses that you can trade with out wireless connextoin

Where can you trade kadabra in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokemon center. With a friend,using a wireless adapter or a link cable

Do you need a wireless adapter to trade between Pokemon silver and gold?

yes actulay.

How do you trade pokemon in sapphire?

get a link cable or a wireless adapter & someone to trade with. (Either share the link cable with the person or both of you must have a wireless adapter) go to a Pokemon center top floor, talk to one of the ladies and you can go from there...

Can you trade between Pokemon LeafGreen and sapphire without wireless adapter?

I have beaten both Pokemon leafgreen and Pokemon sapphire, and I can not trade at all. I am using a universal Gameboy Advance link cable, and I want to know if I need a wireless adapter or not, or if something else is amiss.

Can you trade Pokemon between the old red and the old blue with a wireless adapter?

no they aren't compatible

How do you trade Pokemon with a with out a adapter?

You can use the wireless adapter from leaf-green/fire-red, if that doesn't count as an adapter. You may also be able to use the DS wireless, with 2 DS's. Lastly, you can trade with in-game traders, inside houses, but they are very specific.

How can someone trade Pokemon if they don't have a link cable?

You can't. You need a Link Cable (or Wireless Adapter) to be able to trade.

Can you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Emerald without a wireless adapter or connecter cable?

actually i dont want to say this but NO

Can these trade Pokemon Yellow Pokemon crystal Gba sp x2 wireless adapter x2?

no it doesn't man, sorry

What you need to trade Pokemon between Game Boy Advance?

A Gameboy link cable or wireless adapter.

How can you get the Mystery Gift without an wireless adapter in Pokemon?

you have to have a adapter

When can you start trading Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Trading in FireredOn Pokemon Firered, you can start trading Pokemon at the first Pokemon Center. If you have a gameboy advance, you'll need a wireless adapter, but if you have a DS, a wireless adapter is useless and it MAY work since a DS has a wireless adapter in itself. It doesn't work on my DS but it has on others. (in order to trade to the DS games you must trade the Pokemon to Pal Park i think)and in FireRed you can start trading once you've beaten the Elite 4 (i think)

If my friend has Pokemon FireRed and I have Sapphire can we fight?

With a wireless adapter, you can do nothing, but with a game link cable, you can trade and battle!

What is a Wireless Adapter in pokemon Firered?

It is an Gameboy accessory that lets you connect and trade Pokemon between FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Where Is Dratini On Pokemon Emerald?

You have to trade dratini from Pokemon leaf green or firered (not sure if firered has it) using a gamelink cable or wireless adapter.

Do you need a wireless adapter for trading on Pokemon black?

No, you do not need a Wireless Adapter in order for your Pokémon Black game to trade with other players however you do need access to a Wi-Fi Hotspot in order to trade online with other players.

Can you use a wireless adapter for Pokemon emerald version?

yes, emerald is combatible with the wireless adapter... but it is not compatible with the built in wireless in the Nintendo DS

Can GBA wireless adapter be used to trade with ds?


What lvl does graveler evolve on Pokemon Fire red?

you have to trade a graveler to evolve it you can only evolve it by trading it with a wireless adapter.