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go DOWN the stairs in any Pokemon centre but make sure you hav friend codes and trade with them

Answerif you don't have any friends just go to the global trade station

I know this doesnt help but what the guy said above said if you hvae know friends it just sounds funny when you read it and a little bogus

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Q: How do you trade with people using wifi in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you trade with people using global trade station in Pokemon diamond?

before you can trade you have to get internet

How can you get Larvitar in your pokedex?

You can get a Larvitar on Pokemon Diamond by using the Pokeradar on Route 207. If you're using Pokemon Pearl, you'll need to trade with Diamond.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon black to diamond?

No you can't trade with black to diamond but you can trade from diamond to black using the poketransfer lab. (you will have to have beaten the game before you can use the poketransfer lab). Hope I helped this is luke127 signing off.

How do you get gliglar in Pokemon diamond?

You have to trade using Pal Park or the GTS.

Can you trade Pokemon from diamond to pearl using wifi?

No (unless you trade through platinum first)

How do you trade Pokemon Diamond pokemons to platinum?

By using two ds,s you can trade using poke center. union room

Can you trade Pokemon from DS to Pokemon Battle Revolution using Pearl or Diamond on an R4?

yes it works.

How do you get a kyogre on pokemon diamond?

trade it from one of the previous Pokemon games.,( ie pal park +using gameboy slot) or find someone who has it and trade

Can you trade Pokemon on emerald using a DS?

no retard no need to be mean. you can import Pokemon from emerald to Pokemon diamond or pearl. if you wanna trade the to another GBA game using the DS, you can't.

Can you trade Pokemon from diamond verison into soulsliver?

yes, you can using the ds wireless communication

Can you trade Pokemon with people on Pokemon soulsilver without friend codes like you could on diamond and pearl?

Yes using the Wireless connection for the DS or Nintendo wifi connection.

How far away can you trade Pokemon?

Using the WIFI link in Pokemon, it is possible to trade Pokemon with people around the world.

How do you get cyndiqul in Pokemon diamond?

You have to trade over from one of the older games using Pal Park.

How is the GTS used in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Using WiFi you can trade w/ others online.

How do you get Blaziken lv100 without a Game Boy game in Pokemon diamond?

Trade it using the GTS.

How do you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen to daimond?

You can't trade, but you can transfer you're Leaf Green Pokemon to Diamond using Pal Park in Diamond. Pal Park can only be accessed after getting the National Dex. Its on Route 221.

How do you trade Pokemon from leaf green to Pokemon diamond on the dsi?

sorry but can only do it while using your ds or ds lite sorry

How can you trade Pokemon on fire red to leaf green using a ds?

you cant you have to use a gameboy or migrate the Pokemon nd trade them off diamond and pearl if you have one.hope i helped.

Where do you get a horsea?

I think that you can't get a Horsea in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl unless you trade it in using Pal Park.

How do you get mew in Pokemon diamond using action replay?

I don't know, but i will trade you my genuine Pokemon ranch mew for a shiny gardevoir or froslass.

How can you trade Pokemon from diamond version to diamond version?

using two ds consoles and two diamond games on them. <[his]. [mine]> i hate it it takes all your money.

How do you get wild Deoxys in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

You cant get a wild deoxys. But you could trade using the global trading system in jubilfe city. Just trade a bad Pokemon for him. chances are sombody will trade for it.

How do you migrate Pokemon from diamond to platinum?

you need 2 DS Systems. You need to trade the Pokemon from one game to the other using wireless connection.

What Pokemon can you get using the poke radar in Pokemon diamond?

Any Pokemon that are in the area that you are using it.

When you set a Pokemon in your Pokemon diamond game using the pokesav program will you be able to trade it in the GTS or to a friend in the union room?

you will trade you Pokemon in the gts, not in the union room. just put your Pokemon you want to trade and come back in a while if someone saw it and want to trade. hope it helped