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How do you train Groudon easier on Pokemon Emerald?

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groudon is going upto train groudon easier you should put him in the front of you're party and bring him out to battle first and it would be even better to go and battle the Pokemon league, because there you will see high level Pokemon so you're groudon will gaen a lot of e.p. points.
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WHERE CAN you train Pokemon in emerald?

You an train Pokemon in the grass

Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Well to me, it depends what type your strongest with, water go for Kyogre, if and ground catch Groudon, and if you like dragon or flying type getraquaza.(apparently I don't think arceas is in Emerald).

Which whone is the best Pokemon on emerald?

My favourite Pokemon would have to be castform, altaria, rayquaza, latias and latios, groudon (these are my party Pokemon and i love them to pieces). To get the best Pokemon you just have to train it up and take care of it eventually they will become great.

How do you get past the E4 in Pokemon Emerald Roms?

train your pokemon

How do you level up your Pokemon faster in Pokemon emerald?

you train them

Can you Ev train in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, you can

Where can you train your Pokemon for the elite four on Pokemon emerald?

u can train u Pokemon in mt.coronet bottom floor

Who is the most playful and sportiest Pokemon?

It is any pokemon if you train it right but I would say Groudon

How would you train Pokemon like Groudon to lvl 100 on Pokemon ruby?

Train them by defeating the Pokémon League over and over again.

How do you get blissy on Pokemon Emerald?

Train a Chansey and will evolve.

Were to train a lv 50 Pokemon in emerald?

In the Pokemon league or in Victory road

What is easier to train in Pokemon boy or girl Pokemon?

There is no difference.

Where is a good place to train on pokemon emerald?

The elite four is the best place to train...

How do you learn mean look in Pokemon emerald?

Get a Golbat and train it.

How can you get a Alacazam in Pokemon emerald?

Train your kadabra until it evolves

Where is the best place to train a flying Pokemon in emerald?


What is the strongest Pokemon in emerald that is not legendary?

It depends on how high you train your Pokemon to level wise

Where are the strong Pokemon in emerald?

You can't find "strong Pokemon". If you want a Pokemon to be strong, you need to train it.

Where do you train your Pokemon in Pokemon emerald after you beat the elite four?

Keep battling the Elite Four it really trains your Pokemon!! That's how I train my Pokemon. Either that or an Action Replay, which I have...

How do you get swampert on Pokemon Emerald version?

Train a mudkip to level 36.

Can you catch masquerain a in Pokemon emerald?

No you have to train surskit to level 22.

How do you beat the champion in Pokemon emerald?

train some electric Pokemon or just level up your Pokemon loads

How do you defeat your father in Pokemon Emerald?

train or restart the game to get stronger Pokemon or find trainers to fight

Where is the best place to train for the Pokemon league in Pokemon emerald?

Victory road, or use your VS seeker.

How do you get tyrranitar in emerald?

Train a larvitar to make it evolve to pupitar then train pupitar to level 55 and its a tyranitar. Larvitar is a Pokemon you can catch in firered and leafgreen trade it to emerald.