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Copy the files into a new folder on your desktop,transfer the file onto a thumb drive.Once done, insert the thumbdrive into the other PC and simply transfer the folder.


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you would have to do so through home-sharing, a memory stick etc. it can not be done from ipod straight to another ipod, you must use a computer.

What you have to do is make a playlist and put all of your music in it. Then plug in your ipod to the computer. Once iTunes displays options about your ipod click on the music tab then click only load certain playlist. and then click on your playlist and your all set to go.

because it is illegal, and limewire can mess up your computer because you are not downloading you are sharing music from another computer. so if you use your computer for banking or check your account, don't use any other site like limewire.

its illegal under copywright laws only purchased items from itunes can be transfered if u use limewire or anyother music sharing network they dont transfer hope this helped

No their are legal issues but you can use a sibling program called frostwier

You need a program like Itunes on your may computer to transfer. Transfer music from ipad back to your computer, and then transfer your computer stuffs to another one. Itunes is a free program. To download Itunes, see the related links to this topic.

Physically carry the flash drive from computer to computer.

there are a lot of ways in order to transfer a file from one computer to another computer. first is that you can use a flash disk drive/ USB to transfer file. you can also transfer file by using internet. attaching your file to your email, then open your email on the other computer. you can also transfer file trough network. if both of the computers are network together, you can access your file from one computer to another. these are only few on the things that you can do inorder to transfer your file. there are a lot more to do, just be creative.

It will, if you (or the virus) tells it to. However, even if a virus is transferred to another computer it will not run on that computer unless you or another program executes it, or unless the virus is able to exploit some security vulnerability in another program in order to run. A router will not transfer viruses to another computer on its own.

Are u mad? U dont transfer internet, u connect the other computer to an access point to the internet. Simples!

To transfer Quicken from one office computer to another, the first step is to back up files on the first computer, then restore the data file on the new computer. Quicken will need to already be running on the computer the files are being transferred to.

limewire was a free service, but currently there is no way to download or use the limewire service. there is another service for people who want to get free MUSIC on their iPods illegally, but watch out for FROST bite.

It depends on what the data you are transfering is. If its music or photos or movies or whatever, then you usually have to sync the ipod and make a new playlist or something like that, and transfer things through itunes.

You can use a external hard disk on transferring a game from one computer to another.

you could email the picture to yourself, and download it onto the computer you want.

You download Blockland onto the computer that you want it on and then type in you authentication code.

If your transferring to another computer just sync your iPhone or iTouch, then sync it to another computer, you should hit the button that says transfer purchases, then you just erase and sync.

To transfer information from a flash drive to another flash drive the information must be uploaded to a computer from flash drive A then uploaded from the computer to flash drive B.

LimeWire is a file sharing network, Shhhhhhh! It doesnt have "limewire files" those files were created with other programs on another persons computer. When you download a file make sure you know exactly what you are going to get, or your PC will end up in the hospital. To answer your question... yes, but not all "limewire files" are what they are labeled as.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.

down load to a USB storage key the information you wish to keep or transfer or copy,,,,,remove from 1st computer and put into 2nd computer and upload.

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