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To transfer music on your PS3 to your iPad 3 you can simply back it up from your PS3 to your computer and then use iTunes to put it on your iPad.

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Q: How do you transfer music on your PS3 to your iPad 3?
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Can you store music on the ITunes website and transfer it to your IPad 3 for free?

Yes, you can store music on the iTunes website and then transfer it to your iPad 3 for free.

How do you sync music to your iPad?

Dear friend,you can do like this.Step 1: Install and launch iPad to Mac Transfer. Once connect your iPad to Mac computer, and all information about your iPad itseft, such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format, will be shown on the main interfaceStep 2: In toolbar, click "Add files to iPad" button to transfer music from Mac to iPad. When it pops up a dialogbox window, select and check music from Mac local.Step 3: When all the settings have done, you may click "open" button to transfer music to iPad.

How to TRANSFER songs in iPad 3?

Plug your iPad into your mac / PC. Open iTunes. Transfer songs.

Is there a way to get music on an IPad 3 besides ITunes?

Besides iTunes, an app called iTransfer allows you to get music on an iPad 3.

What app must you download beside ITunes to get music on your IPad 3?

To get music on you iPad 3, besides iTunes you must download an app called iTransfer.

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How do you download disc to Playstation 3?

The PS3 does not download discs. You might use a USB to move a video or music to the PS3

You try to transfer your Fallout 3 saved game from a 40gb PS3 to 60 gb PS3?

wtf r u saying is that even a question

How do you make PS3 audio playlists from a usb drive and transfer the music to the PS3?

If I know what your asking, you do this. 1. Go to the "Music" part of the XMB. 2. You will find an icon that will say something like "Media Storage Device". 3. Highlight that icon 4. Press triangle on the PS3 controller 5. Select "Show All" or something like that 6. It will give you a list of the folders and you should find what your looking for

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Can you listen to music on the iPad 3?

Yes you can eg going on the Internet to you tube and playing a song