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One way would be to synchronize hte phones to a PIM on your PC, like outlook contacts. That's how I got my contacts from by Blackberry to my Treo 700w.

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You can go to a service center and have a sim to sim copy to transfer your contacts, or if you subscribe to a feature called Address book 5.00 month, you can download it to and than upload it to your new phone.

No you cannot, but you can use it in an UNLOCKED T-Mobile phone. Cingular and T-Mobile work off the same network which is GSM and this allows you to switch phones. I have T-mobile but the phone I am using right now is an unlocked cingulart phone. Nextel/Sprint and Verizon work off of the CDMA network and this is why you cannot use it.

No, you cannot. T-Mobile SIM cards only with T-Mobile phones. The same goes for an AT&T or Nextel SIM card, they only work for AT&T or Nextel phones, respectively.

No. Cingular's (now AT&T's) network and Nextel's network are incompatible.

call your local cellphone service provider store such as sprint at&t cingular Verizon nextel... what ever you have and ask for an operater and ask them to forward it

The top three wireless phone companies in the US are Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint. This list also includes their subsidiary companies such as AT&T and Nextel.

Cingular stores offer all of the benefits that the Cingular online services offer but with a human touch. You can pay bills, pick out a new phone, or even transfer contacts between phones.

form_title= Nextel Phone Service form_header- Use Nextel for your phone needs. Have you ever used Nextel before?*= () Yes () No Who is your current phone service provider?*= _ [50 Will you be upgrading from the service you have now?*= () Yes () No

It depends on where you get your Nextel deal as to which is the cheapest. Here is a site to check out for good deals on the phone:

i have a pcs phone and i have an old cingular phone i really liked it has a sim card pcs does not can it be done

If you want the Sprint phone number on the Cingular phone. You will call Cingular and ask to port in your number. If you port in your number the Sprint phone will be canceled after the port is complete. If you are still under contract with Sprint you will have an Early Termination Fee. So make sure you are out of contract before you do this unless you don't mind paying $150-$200 for an ETF. If you are just wanting to switch the phone and keep Sprint Service while using a Cingular device. That does not work. Sprint doesn't used Unlocked phones.

Nextel is a phone company. It has now merged with Sprint.

'if your phone has a chip all you have to do is transfer it to your other phone or just write all the numbers on a paper and install them on your new sweat!'

Nextel I880 is a line of cell phones which are made by Nextel Communications, Inc. The phone can be bought from many phone stores both offline and online.

Almost every service provider supports the LG VX6100 model phone. These providers include Cingular / AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint / Nextel. Smaller providers like Alltel probably do not support this phone.

With call forwarding added to your home service you can easily forward all your home phone calls to the cell phone. Call nextel and ask them to port it for you if you want to do away with the home phone. Your home phone number will soon be your new cell phone number. Don't dare cancel your home phone service until the change is completed and working properly.

You can buy the i850 nextel phone from any nextel outlet which offers their services. You can also buy these phones online, at either ebay or you might find it.

The cingular wireless 8125 is a cell phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard. Use of this cellular device must be done through Cingular Wireless, which is a mobile phone service.

All major cellular phone companies have discounts with certain employers. Going to the following site will assist you in discovering if you are eligible for a discount:

Nextel cell phone deals are available from a variety of dealers. You can find information on great deals from sites such as and .

option 1 - retype the phone numbers, which is slow option 2 - move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone option 3 - go to your cell phone carrier and ask them to transfer it (they have computer programs that can transfer the phone numbers from your old SIM card and your old phone's memory to your new phone SIM card)

passcode for the SIM or the phone itself? Contact Cingular customer support or your owner's manual on the handset

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