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How do you transfer programs from your main drive to your slave drive?

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Some programs can just be copied from one drive to the other. However, most programs will not work this way. You will probably have to uninstall the program from your master drive and then install it on your slave drive using the program's installation disk.

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What is slave and hard drive?

In computing, you can have two disks, the main and the slave - these are set by jumpers on the hard drive. In classical hardware, the main would have priority over the slave. However, with better electronics's, most computers don't differentiate between slave and main anymore.

How do you i swap over my main hard drive to run the other as the main as it only has around 1g left on it?

Set the new hard drive to slave and keep the original as master if you swap them you will come up with some problems.

What is an example of a hard drive?

storing programsThere are many types of hards. Internal and external are main two types.

How do you set up second drive as a slave on a ide hard drive?

its the same process as u set up a SATA drive... the first thing to do is to remove the jumper from the drive and then use the IDE cable to connect it with it. then go to the drive options and set it to serve as the main.

What is a local disk C?

It is your main hard disk drive. It stores OS data, as well as programs and regular files..

Will reformatting your hard drive delete your OS and main programs?

Yep. If you reformat you hard dive, every thing is deleted.

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How do you make your external hard drive your main hard drive?

Install all your programs on it and install your OS on it (OS = operating system) I for one wouldn't recommend installing an OS on an external hard drive though.

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How do you make your data hard drive the main drive instead of vista?

The main drive is the drive with your operating system on it.

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What is the main function of the hard disk on a personal computer?

The hard drive stores information on a computer. This includes the operating system and any programs or files on the computer.

3 Explain the difference between the A C and H Drive?

C-drive is usually the main drive that the computer uses for its system software and most programs. NEVER re-format your C-Drive or your computer will not work. A-drive is a floppy external drive. However, most computers will boot up with A-Drive if there is a disk in the drive. H-drive is usually an external driver or a Memory Stick that can be removed from the computer.

What is the main drive that a computer uses to store information?

the hard drive is the main drive because it has all your windows information in it.

Why are companies switching to SATA hard drives?

SATA data transfer is much quicker and reliable for large files and streaming. SATA is approximately 8 x faster than USB 2.0 transfer rates. SATA provides a reliable connection for the hard drive or standard state drive to the main computer/laptop hardware.

What are the uses of the hard drive in the computer?

Hard drives have many uses in a computer. The main functionality of a hard drive though is data and program storage. The hard drive is where your operating system is stored and called upon. Additionally, your hard drive is where all of your other programs and your media like pictures, videos and more are stored.

Why a hard drive the main storage for a computer?

A computer's internal hard-drive is the main storage device.

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