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How do you transfer songs from a media player to an MP3 player?

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Windows Media Player uses WMA format most of the time. This needs to be converted to MP3 format for playing on MP3 player. All to All - Audio Conversion Wizard is a good program to covert WMA to MP3. Your mp3 player will have a usb cable to connect to the computer, then drag and drop the MP3 song files to the drive on MY Computer that is your MP3 player. If your player is not showing up, then reload the drivers disk for the player onto the computer so it can recognize your player. this is not the same question dumb butt!

2009-02-22 00:29:02
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Q: How do you transfer songs from a media player to an MP3 player?
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Can you transfer songs from an MP3 player onto Windows Media Player?

Yes, if you download it to the computer, it can play on Media player.

Transfer songs from CD to mp3?

Most computers come with media player, and unless its an ipod, you can probably use media player to do it.

How do you transfer songs from an MP3 player onto Windows Media Player?


How do you transfer music from iTunes to an MP3 player?

iTunes songs are under DRM protection, You shall firstly remove it then you can transfer then to MP3 Player. And Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate will help.

How do you transfer songs onto an MP3 player?

Here are the easy instructions on how you can transfer the songs to an mp3 player. Install relevant media software like for instance Sony Walkman MP3 requires Sonic Stage Software. Connect MP3 player to computer using a USB or firewire cable. Next, follow the instructions to customise preferences. Load the media files from your computer into your music library. Sync the files from your library to mp3 player. Once the syncing is complete, you can eject the media player and disconnect it from the computer.

What is the largest number of songs an mp3 media player can hold?

The number of songs an mp3 media player can hold is based on the total amount of storage in gigabytes. A 16 gigabyte mp3 player can hold thousands of songs.

Can you transfer songs to your MP3 player without Windows Media Player?

Yes, depending on the MP3 player. Some MP3 players are recognised as a 'usb flash/thumb drive' or a 'hard drive' when you plug them into the USB port. In this case, you can just plug the MP3 player into the computer, and then copy or drag and drop the MP3s into the player. In some other cases, you can use other media players or software to transfer songs to the player (e.g. foo_pod will transfer files to a Ipod without itunes)

How do you get songs from the computer to a mp3 player?

In order to get songs from the computer to a mp3 player, you simply need to hook up the mp3 player to the computer with the chord that came with the mp3 player. After that, you select the songs that you want to transfer, and then eject the player.

Can you transfer music from a CD to a MP3 player?

Sure, just use Windows Media Player to rip the contents from the CD and transfer it to your MP3 Player.

How do you transfer music to a Coby MP3 player?

download winodwns media player and then click sync when its pluged in then you select a song or songs then do start sync!

How do I get songs from my pc to my mp3 player?

To transfer your tunes to a variety of portable music devices, use Windows Media Player. you can choose what type of music you are into and the kind of song that you want to transfer.

Can Windows Media Player play mp3 songs?


How do you get songs onto an mp3 player?

it depends if you have Windows Media Player on your PC

How do you download songs froim vlc media player on your mp3 player?

From what I understand, you can not.

How do you download the songs you have selected on Frostwire to a file and then to your MP3 player?

drag the songs to your itunes or windows media player

How do you transfer songs from CD to MP3?

Depending on what OS system you have on your computer. if you have xp or vista what you do is you plug up your mp3 player to your computer. once the icon comes up stating that you new device is installed properly open the folder for you mp3 player. you will probably have to download the songs from you CD on to your computer. after that you can drag the songs from either an open folder or windows media player

How do you remove songs from Sansa MP3 on Windows Media Player?

Click delete.

How do you transfer music from MP3 player to computer but still keep it on MP3 player?

you can copy but not cut the songs, then you can have them both on your mp3 player and your computer. my mp3 player can store more than 500 songs and it is quite nice look. i bought it on, really cool.

How do you put your purchased songs from iTunes to your mp3?

you need to remove iTunes DRM protection, convert iTunes M4A M4B AAV songs to MP3 and then you can transfer to MP3 Player.

How do you get songs from Windows Media Player onto an mp3 player?

If windows media player does not recognise your mp3 player (which it should) then open your music folder and your mp3 player folder (via "computer") separately and then drag and drop. If it does recognise it, then you only have to connect your mp3 player to the computer and open WMP. Then click your mp3 player on the left-handside (you may have to sync it) and drag and drop the songs you want. Very Simple! Hope this helps!

How do you get your zen nano mp3 player to sinc?

how do i transfer the file on my zen nano mp3 player and get them to upload in media player so i ccan burn them to a cd?

How can you transfer music from MP3 disc to computer?

use windows media player -> media library -> store tracks...

How do you download songs from LimeWire to an mp3 player instead of I tunes?

How to transfer songs from limewire to an mp3-download all the songs you want on limewire but before you do that hook up your mp3 or ipod then go to windows media player and go to sync device and pull up the empty sync list then click on 1 of your songs then press ctrl+a and it will select all of the songs then minimize windows media player then select all of your songs again hold drag until you get to the bottom were windows media player is. keep holding drag windows media player should pop up while your still holding drag then drag all of the songs to the sync list make sure you have enough space (it will say by the mp3 icon at the top) then press start sync. If an problems go wrong press stop sync.

How do you get songs from the internet to a MP3 player?

use a Mp3 player like Media Monkey, Real Player, Itunes or you should be able to do it via windows MY Computer..

How can I play Apple Music on MP3 player?

TunePat Apple Music Converter is able to download Apple Music songs directly from its web player in MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and AIFF format. After downloading, you can transfer them to MP3 player for playing.