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How do you transfer songs from iTunes to wmp?

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you can't. you can only transfer your itunes purchases to someone else's itunes.

Yes, you can. All you have to do is transfer it to your iTunes library.

No, you can only transfer Itunes to Ipod

Purchase songs from iTunes store to get them. Remove its protection and then transfer to MP4.

To transfer iPhone-purchased songs and books to iTunes and computer, i often use iMacsoft iPhone to PC Transfer, it can easily backup purchased songs, books and downloaded podcasts and iTunes U in an easy way.

You must first transfer your CD music to itunes, then sync itunes with your iPad.

Plug your iPad into your mac / PC. Open iTunes. Transfer songs.

If you have music backups of the old iPod in iTunes, you can easily sync the songs with the new iPod. If you don't have backups, you are also able to transfer purchased songs from the old iPod to iTunes using the "Transfer Purchases" function of iTunes. You won't be allowed to transfer the songs from the old iPod to computer or new iPod if the songs are not from iTunes. This is how to transfer music from old iPod to new iPod with the "Transfer Purchases" function of iTunes: Step 1. Plug the Old iPod into computer via the USB cable. Then launch iTunes. Step 2. Click "File > Device > Transfer Purchases". iTunes will automatically transfer the songs to iTunes library. Step 3. Plug the new iPod into computer. Then import the songs from iTunes to the new iPod.

Insert CD in computer, open iTunes, transfer CD songs to iTunes, sync iPad.

They do it for piracy purposes, mainly. So people can't transfer one's songs that was bought, and put it on their library. There are programs that will transfer your songs, from your iPod to your iTunes. The most effective one I've used was from 3herosoft.

You have to buy the song unfortunately.

Typical you can buy the itunes song, then add it to windows media player... most MP3 players will/can sync using WMP ( windows Media player).... the way to get it into WMP is: 1: convert songs to MP3 format in itunes by right clicking song and "converting" 2: drag song from itunes to WMP when both programs have tabs open on the bottom tool-bar... 3: once MP3 is connected open WMP and add the songs you want into the premade sync play-list... ( if there isn't a premade play-list, create one and right click later to choose to sync to player.) If any parts don't work, Message me and i can give it my best shot....

note: windows users only! yes you can but you have to burn the songs to a cd and then transfer thoose song to (wmp) windows meadia player. how do I do it? well just click on rip with your burned cd and wait for a 100% transfer/copy. now the fun part select all and drag to portable device and enjoy.

You go to iTunes, click "File" and look towards the bottom and it will say "transfer purchases from IPod" and click it.

Yes but need your effort. You shall remove iTunes music songs protection and then transfer to Nintendo DSi.

Firstly you shall remove iTunes DRM protection,then convert iTunes M$A, M4B, AAC songs to MP3 formats,finally transfer.

If you have itunes on your computer, and the CD you want the songs from, insert the CD into your computer and a window from Itunes should pop up asking if you want to import the songs into itunes, I believe you click 'yes' and the songs from the CD should transfer to Itunes.

there are many programs which let you transfer from ipod to itunes. all the ones i have seen cost money

you need to remove iTunes DRM protection, convert iTunes M4A M4B AAV songs to MP3 and then you can transfer to MP3 Player.

change you itunes songs into mp3s from mp4s or whatever they star out as.

You simply hold the mouse on the songs in windows media player and then drag them into iTunes.Save the songs in media player in a playlist, but change the playlist type to M3U.To do this you can use the "Save Playlist As" option from the list pane when you're editing the playlist. Then change the "Save as type:" field from WPL (the default) to M3U. then open the folder that you saved the playlist in and drag it into iTunes!!!!!oh and some of the WMA files may not transfer so you might have to do that from my music-or convert them to mp3 with a program like switch.Also you might want to transfer your ratings. To do this in WMP create a playlist called say 5star. Select all your five star rated songs and put them in this playlist. Do the transfer to iTunes using the M3u as described above. Open the 5star playlist in iTunes and rate all the songs with a 5. Easy peasy!you Can also DOWNLOAD Youtube downloader, and convert it oposite through there if you are interested

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