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I don't know if you need Wi-fi or something so go on another website and look...sorry there was not much help...

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Q: How do you transfer your items on club penguin herbert' s revenge to club penguin?
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How do you transfer your items on club penguin herbert' s revenge?

you type the code you got on cp at unlock items

Why won't some of the items from Club Penguin EPF Herbert's Revenge transfer to your account even when you have earned them all?

I think you can only transfer coins. If not, you might have to transfer items again.

How do you transfer your items on club penguin Herberts revenge?

you go to Gary click on him and then he will say i got your stuff back from herbert

Where are the 3 float items in club penguin Herbert's revenge?

the boiler room (whale) and lodge attic (octopus) r all i got

How do you transfer items from club penguin ds to your Club Penguin account?

You can't transfer items, only coins.

Can you transfer your elite penguin force stuff to your club penguin account?

You can transfer coins to your online account, but you can't transfer items.

In clubpenguin elite penguin force can you transfer items like clothes to your online account?

No, you cannot transfer clothing items. But you can transfer coins!

Where are clues of Herbert's invention on club penguin?

if its that corn thing, its the garden items.

Where do you enter the code for Herbert's Revenge?

You type it in club penguin on your computer (you must have an account on club penguin) and find the unlock code button (it is on the top right corner) and then you must log in and then you press I got a code not book and enter the code and you get items!

Where do you find the code in Herbert's Revenge?

The answer is ... buy the herberts revenge ds game and use the code in it to unlock items online. hope that helped.

How do you get a puffle caller on Club Penguin?

First, You Buy The Game "Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge". The Game Comes With A Code Card. Then You Log On To Club Penguin And Click "Unlock Items Online" Then You Will Recive A Puffle Whistle (Or As You Call It, "A Puffle Caller"), 1500 Coins, And A Special EPF item.

What is the code to the black puffle on club penguin to unlock items online?

you have to have herberts revenge game

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