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/ is Jim Breen's website. You can go to the multi-radical part and check the ones that apply to find almost any Kanji, it's various readings, and its meaning.

Studying Japanese requires an understanding that any symbol can be read in multiple ways, especially when combined with other ones. Mountain is yama, or san. So if you say Mount Fuji you say 'fuji-san'. But that mountain is 'ano yama'.

To identify a complicated kanji, break it into parts and search a dictionary for words belonging to that part.

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If you search a Japanese word in Google I'm sure it will come up with something that has the symbols on it

need the name to translate the symbols

Jim Breen's wwwJDIC is a good translation site. you can translate whole paragraphs, look up kanji and translate words to and from Japanese. The URL is

The words "little bomber" translate to _____ in Japanese. There are many translators online that can easily translate words from English to Japanese.

Just use Google Translate. It works.Suggestion:http://bab.la

The word is made up of symbols. Use Google translate to see what it is.

Google translator can translate only language so, it's not possible to translate symbols but whenever we translate the language it may be changed the order of symbols in sentence.

nothing. It does not translate without other words

The Japanese do not work in letters they have symbols that work in sounds. If you need whole word translated go to google translate.

google translate but its not that accurate sometimes

You can highlight the words and copy them. Then go to google translate and paste it. Then click so it says Japanese to English, and click the translate button. Sometimes it doesn't translate very well, but it's better than not knowing at all.

There are several words for "girl," but 'onna no ko' works fine.

if you mean translate it (thank you) from English to Japanese then it is arigatoo

just go to google translate and translate Shoulders to Japanese

You basically can't translate a sentence into a word, but you can always use Google Translate, but the accuracy is your own gamble. Also you can nicely ask someone who can.

The generic name for all symbols in Japanese is "Kana."There are three sets of kana all used together, and each set has a generic name:Hiragana (set of phonetic symbols for syllables, used mainly for Japanese grammar words)Katakana (set of phonetic symbols for syllables, used mainly for foreign words)Kanji (chinese characters)

Foreign words are written in Japanese using a phonetic system called Katakana, which uses 71 symbols to represent the syllables of a word.

A person would say the word me in Japanese as Watashi ni. The Japanese use special characters and symbols that represent varying words in their language.

"To win" is 'katsu' in Japanese.

Shadows translates to Japanese via the word kage. Other Japanese words that translate to shadow include kumori, shadou, and bikou. This website can do English to Japanese AND Japanese to English

Shiroi Ookami Shiroi - Adjective, white Ookami - Wolf

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