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Pretty picture, you look very nice Lala. I don't know if you spell your name like that but it looks pretty.

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Q: How do you translate linda foto se ve muy bien lala no se si se escribe asi su nombre pero se ve linda in English?
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How do you say My name is Linda in spanish?

you can go on google translate to translate anything else you have questions for. :) but this is how you say it " Mi nombre es Linda". if you dont know how to get to google translate just send me a message :)

Can you translate English words into Aztec words?


How do you say linda and bonita in English?

Linda and bonita both translate to "Beautiful" or "Pretty"

What does Lily lindo nombre mean in English?

As written, "Lily pretty name". Usually there would be a verb, perhaps "Lily es un nombre linda." Lily is a pretty name.

What does un nombre tan lindo para una chica linda mean in English?

Such a pretty name for a pretty chick.

What is 'Oi linda Saudades' when translated from Portuguese to English?

"Hi, beautiful! Longings (for you)!" is an English equivalent of the Portuguese phrase Oi, linda! Saudades! The phrases also translate as "Hello, beautiful! Yearnings (for you)!" in English. The pronunciation will be "oy LEEN-duh sow-DA-djeesh" in Cariocan Brazilian and in continental Portuguese.

What does q linda salis mi amor translate to?

It's misspelled somewhat. It should be "Que linda sales, mi amor!" which would translate to "[Look] how beautiful you came out, my love".

What does mamacita linda mean in English?

'mamacita linda' = 'pretty mummy' or, if 'Linda' is a name, 'mummy Linda'

Was Linda Eastman English or American?

Linda Eastman was American.

Can you translate y que linda se mira mi nena?

And how lovely my darling looks.

What is Mamita que linda te ves in English?

Mamita que linda te vas in English means Mamma, you go pretty.

How do you translate baby is pretty to spanish?

el bebe es bonito orel bebe es linda