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There are many things that crazy girls say that need translation. You could try figuring them out by hand gestures.

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Translate crazy in filipino?


Can you translate anata des kichigai from Japanese to English?

The structure is incorrect, rendering this sentence ungrammatical and therefore difficult to translate with complete confidence. However, I can say that it is most likely that the sentence intends to say "Anata ga kichigai desu.' This would translate as "You are crazy."

Trying to translate Ma Inebunesti Can anyone translate?

The language is Romanian and it means "me crazy".

What is the Spanish translation for the words crazy girls?

chicas locas= crazy girls

Translate La Vida Loca?

The Crazy Life

What is Loco London?

This would translate to "Crazy London".

Does Satan translate to crazy thought in Aramaic?

no. It translates to "opponent".

How do you call Crazy in Telugu?

క్రేజీ source: google translate

Translate the word crazy in English to Arabic?


How do you say you guys are crazy in Spanish?

Ustedes están locos if you are talking to all boys or boys and girls Ustedes están locas if you are talking to all girls.

How do you say translate in portuguese?

"To translate": Traduzir "Translate" as a request: Traduz or Traduza

Can you please translate 'are you crazy' in Telugu?

neeku pichha

Why are most girls crazy?

girls are crazy because we are so outgoing and love to express our feelings even if their sad or happy..

What if everyone turned into girls?

you are crazy

What does locas mean?

"crazy girls"

How do you say going crazy in Spanish?

you say crazy in spanish is loco do you get me

What are the ratings and certificates for Crazy Girls Undercover - 2008?

Crazy Girls Undercover - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What gogo crazy bones are girls?

the girls are Hayato , Okori and Atori

How do you make girls go crazy over you?

Do what they like and if they have secrets tell them to tell you and they will, just don't say their secret out loud. Then all the girls will think you're a nice guy.

How do you say you are crazy in Swedish?

If you want to say that someone is crazy you say : Du är galen

How do you say are you crazy in french?

Are you crazy? / Are you demented? / Are you foolish? - (Musculin - For boys) Est-ce que tu es fou? - (Féminin - For girls) Est-ce que tu es folle?

How do you say crazy cat in amharic?


How do you say i am crazy about you in Malayalam?

iam crazy about you

How was Hamlet crazy?

Hamlet was pretending to be crazy. he was depressed about his father dying then his mother marrying his brother. some say he was not crazy some say he was. Hamlet was pretending to be crazy. he was depressed about his father dying then his mother marrying his brother. some say he was not crazy some say he was.

How do you say i am going to you crazy good when i see you in spanish?

Keep in mind that this is NOT a gramatically correct phrase anyway so it would be hard to translate so it made sense. You CAN say what you want to say in Spanish, I'm sure but it would have to be said differently.