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How do you treat a dog that has dry skin?


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  • If it is a long haired dog, continuous brushing helps the dogs skin produce natural oils and if it is a short haired dog try some baby oil and again brush often or massage the skin. The underlying cause needs to be found which could be anything from a fungas, parasite, allergy to cosmetic, allergy to diet.... but if it is just minor dry skin this should take care of the problem.
  • To get to the "root" (no pun intended) of the problem and stop your pooches dry skin you could add some vitamin E capsules 1 (One). 200 mg daily to his food. If your air is dry this could be making the problem worse. A humidifier might help. Oh, the vitamin therapy is only to be used for a short time. (10 days).You could try adding some Fish oil to the food, stick a pin in the capsule and add 1/2 of that to the food.
  • My dogs had severe itching to the point of chewing their fur off and chewing the skin raw! Vet would give them steroids and antibiotics, but the side effects of both made them miserable! When we found a tumor on one of my dogs, I started researching canine cancer etc. I found that raw diets usually cure it and help cancer. After 4 days, even the one that constantly looked like she had an eye infection had cleared up! (Vet kept saying it was allergies) 1 month later, all of their coats are shiny and so soft, they are happier, teeth whiter and with help of herbs, the one with cancer - her tumor has shrunk! Vet admitted she has seen certain cancers disappear with raw food diets. Dogs weren't made to eat grains, sugar etc!
  • Try fish oil capsules or liquid and use as a supplement. I have my dog on it that has skin problems and his skin is no longer flaky.

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It is natural to think that applying water alone to dry skin would help control the problem.Use of skin moisturizers (emollients) for long term control and prevention of dry skin.

Our vet reccommended using human conditioner to bathe our dog with dry skin. No shampoo at all, just conditioner.

Dry, flaky skin on a dog can be the sign of a couple of different problems. Atopecia could be to blame if the dry skin is accompanied by hair loss. Mange can be another cause of dry, scaly skin. To best find out what is doing on with your dog, see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

to treat dry skin in black labs you should pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil over the dogs food every day until it is cured.

No, the lotion will stick to the poor dog's fur, so try giving your dog a relaxing, long bath if it has dry skin.

can this be used for cracks in feet from dry skin

Mis olive oil and milk, rub gently onto dry spot.

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An oatmeal shampoo for dogs can help with dry sin and also hair loss. It can also sooth the dog's skin and alleviate itching. Petroleum Jelly can also soothe itchy and dry skin on your dog. Source:

you can,but it might dry out their skin. dog shampoo would be better.

Had a dog with dry skin issues also. Vet suggested oatmeal baths. Worked very well for her. Can find dog shampoos with oatmeal in it already.

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To treat dry skin go to your local pharmacy and get the cheapest "over the counter" cream. Then add relish to the cream to give it a moistening effect. This works great. I used this and was better in ten days.

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yes! it is. scientist have proved it.

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They have food that are made for dog with dry skin. If you can't find one you can get a bottle if flaxseed oil and put about a 1/2 tablespoon on their food once a day

The dog may loose hair around the infected area. He or she may scratch a lot around this area as well. You can also notice we a dog as dry skin by the flakes laying loose in his or her hair.

A great place to find tips online on how to treat dry skin throughout the year would be online at this website: It goes into details about skin care myths and about how to keep your skin hydrated throughout the year.

once monthly unless its absolutely nessesary. to often and your dog will have dry skin.

My dog has red sores, dry skin, skin is reddish and I think she has gotten into insalation....What can I do/

Dry flaky skin may be the result of a change in humidity, or psoriasis. Try using lotion to treat it and talk to your doctor.

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