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How do you treat a turkey mite bite?

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"According to a woman living near French Lick, IN, the

"turkey lice" are terrible this year and can only be dealt with by

covering a bitten area with clear fingernail polish thus smothering

the lice."

I recently had my first encounter with these pests. I researched

them and found out that they are actually not mites at all; rather,

they are the larval life stage of the Lonestar Tick. The tick can

and will feed on humans at any of its three life cycle stages

(larva, nymph, adult). There is an associated rash that emerges

from the bite of the lonestar tick, and it can occur in places far

away from where the bite(s) is/are located. These little pests

attack in huge numbers, and the itch that results from their attack

is unparalleled by poison ivy, oak, sumac or the worst onslaught of

chigger assault.

I have had success with the following regimen. First,

immediately begin taking the maximum dose of diphenhydramine

tablets (Benadryl). Just follow the directions on the label.

Launder all of your clothes that were worn the day of the attack,

and any other clothes that those clothes have contacted in hot

water and dry on high heat. Also strip your bedding and launder it

in the same manner. Obtain RID home spray and RID Lice shampoo (or

save yourself a fortune and get the equate version of the Lice

shampoo). Spray down your chairs and sofas and the parts of your

bed and pillows that cannot be washed with the RID home spray. Kill

the little bastards that are on you with a dilute bleach bath

(about 1/2 cup bleach in the tub) that is as hot as you can stand

(soak for 10 - 15 minutes) . After the bleach bath, drain the water

and rinse yourself off thoroughly. Draw another hot bath and dump

in about 4 cupfuls of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and 2 cupfuls

of table salt. Again, make the water as hot as you can stand it.

Soak for 15 minutes. The bleach kills the ticks, and the

Epsom/table salt knocks the itch down dramatically. Wash your hair

with RID as per the label instructions, and then dry off. Now take

the RID shampoo and apply it like lotion all over your body (not

your face if you can get away with it). Let it dry and leave it

there for at least an hour or two. I have heard people say that

they leave the RID on all night and wash it off in the morning. So

do that if you can. I found it best to keep it on for two hours,

and then I went back and soaked in another hot bath to let it

dissolve off. That is all the day one treatment. Every day

thereafter, use hydrocortisone cream during the work day to battle

the inflammation and itch, and keep on the oral Benadryl regimen.

Soak at night in the Epsom/Table salt water bath and then apply the

RID and either wash it off as I said before or keep it on

overnight. The RID will be unnecessary after day two (in my

experience). It will take around a week to kick the itch all the

way out, so be strong and patient.

Avoid future attacks by applying pyrethrin bug repellant to your

clothes and DEET repellent to your skin any time you go into a

wooded area or an area where there is brush or high grass. Wear

long pants and tall socks. It sucks, because it will burn you up in

the summer time, but anything beats being bitten by these evil

hellions. Good luck.

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