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How do you treat aphids?

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[1] Beneficial insects such as ladybugs are natural enemies of aphids. So they'll kill them for you. [2] Otherwise, the most life-friendly human interventions are by horticultural and neem oils, and insecticidal soaps and soapy water sprays. If aphids are ravaging edibles, the oils must be applied the day before eating. The soaps can be harvested the same day.

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Aphids from peas are treated with biopesticides.Immature Pods of pea are used in vegetable hence synthetic pesticides are not desirable.

Because ants treat aphids as cows - protect them from predators, graze them on plants and milk them for a sweet liquid.

ants do not eat aphids, but they eat the honeydew that aphids secrete.

they are aphids and where you have aphids you have ants because aphids by product is a sugary substance you can controll aphids with a varity of inscecticides

Ants and Aphids have a symbiotic relationship. Ants protect aphids from predators and aphids supply ants with honeydew.

Aphids live on roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biological, botanical and cultural controls are ways to treat for aphids. Biological and botanical treatments include employing horticultural oils against egg stages, insecticidal soaps against non-egg stages and soapy water sprays against infestations as well as encouraging such beneficial aphid-eating insects as lacewings, ladybugs, soldier beetles and syrphid flies. Cultural controls involve removing such weedy host plants for aphids as mustard and sowthistle.

You attract aphids by putting out roses.

some aphids are in flowers.

Yes.Small birds eat aphids.

No. Aphids suck the sap of plants.

Yes, aphids live in the desert.

Yes, ladybugs eat aphids.

Aphids are small insects with soft bodies.

Maybe you call a group of aphids a group of aphids. Like they always say, call it like it is!!!

to eat aphids (aphids eat plants garderners use ladybirds to get rid of aphids all the time)

you can find aphids under leaves ,mainly on roses.

no grass snakes do not eat aphids

BAD! Aphids will kill the roses!

Adult aphids of breeding age have wings and fly to a new food source: tender vegetation. Some ants also "tend" aphids, and will actually bring aphids to plants in order to harvest the honeydew produced by feeding aphids.

Well the only insect I know that get rid of aphids are ladybugs. Aphids are on the ladybugs diet list.I hope my answer helped!! :)

no you cant use diazinon to kill aphids let me tell you why you cant cause diazinion is smaller then aphids

Ants move small insects called aphids from plant to plant. The aphids are protected by the ants while the ants feed on sugary honeydew produced by the aphids. This is referred to as a symbiotic relationship.

Ladybugs are probably the most common eater of aphids.

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