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If a person has a thick white discharge that is like toilet paper, they should probably seek treatment from a physician. This type of discharge is not common.

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Q: How do you treat d thick white discharge like toilet paper?
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How do you treat ichiness both inside the vasgina and outside the vagina?

You need to find our what is causing it; it could be any number of things. If you have a thick White discharge it's probably thrush which you can treat with a pessary bought from the drug store. Alternatively, it could be an allergy or possibly crabs.

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Is brown discharge normal in second trimester of pregnancy?

You should see a doctor for any sort of discharge during pregnacy. It could be an infection which they would need to treat.

What should you do if the m8 paper indiccates positive results?

Treat it as contaminated and report the results.

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What should you do if the M8 paper indicated positive results?

Treat it as contaiminated and report the results.

How can you treat an ichy virgina with yellow odourless discharge?

It might be a yeast infection. Try some yeast infection cream.