How do you treat guy you love but he has a girlfriend?


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You shouldn't flirt because if he already has a girlfriend, it's wrong to try to get him. Just treat him like a normal guy friend, and maybe you can subtly flirt with him. :)

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a teen guy is in love with his girlfriend when he tells her he loves her every day and kisses her

he doesn't respect his girlfriend nor their relationship, and if you were to become his girlfriend, he would treat you the same way.

=A boy wants love==A boy wants love=

Just get in love with him,treat. Him really nice and when its the right time when he's coming for that kiss slap him and shoot him with a water gun.Im a boy and my girlfriend did that to me once.

he will be nice to her and treat her specail from the other girls

You can't "make" anyone fall in love with you.

if a gut doesnt think of you as a girlfriend but you are in love with him then get a boob job and show it off in front of him.

It means that he is in love with his girlfriend that he wants to take his relationship seriously and he wants you as a friend not more than friends.

buy her something special, treat her like a queen, and then just tell her you love her.

if he is truly happy around his girlfriend and will do anything to be with her

Probably but it just depends on the guy and if he likes his current girlfriend.

By the way she acts arround you. Normally if a guy has a new girlfriend, she usally gets paranoid about him

If this guy loved you then he would be with you. Considering he has a girlfriend it makes it very clear that he isn't interested in anyone else. Love can hurt sometimes and people we love don't always love us back.

Of course he loves her. When a guy says he would date you if he didn't already have a girlfriend, he is letting you know that he does love her and that is why he isn't dating you or anyone else. He is telling you that if he didn't have her as a girlfriend that he may consider dating you.

yes if you treat her right. if not tell her what you think about me. if she does answer that a good thing. If not, she not interest in you.

Treat her with respect, compliment her, be nice and happy, make her laugh and be an all around good guy - you can give her flowers and gifts if it is something that interests you as she would of course love it. ANSWER According to Robert A Heinlein, you should rub her feet

girlfriend- Avril lavigne and teardrops on my guitar-Taylor swift

This guy is leading his girlfriend on and you as well. He doesn't have a clue what love is and if he loved you as much as he says he would be with you. Never give up your self respect and move on from this guy. He isn't the only one you will ever fall in love with.

It means they love you or miss you a lot trust me I am a guy. I would do that to my girlfriend.

Q is a guy i made this song for him and his girlfriend all day all nightx3 doing stuff with his girlfriend

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