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Q: How do you treat oil gland of a hill mynah?
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How to treat inflammation of the oil gland of a hill mynah bird?

Is this the Common Hill Myna or one of the subspecies?

What is the function of oil gland?

oil gland

Function of oil glands?

Sebaceous gland(oil gland)Is an epidermal gland that produces sebum.Sebum is the oil secretion of the sebaceous gland.This oil gland gives you moist skin and healthy hair.

What gland produces oil?

it is the sebaceous gland

Which gland secrets oil?

Sebaceous gland

What is the proper name for oil gland?

Sebaceous gland~

What is the medical term meaning oil gland?

Sebaceous Gland

Acne occurs when oil gets trapped in which gland?

Acne occurs when oil gets trapped in the sebaceous gland.

Can castor oil treat herpes?

Caster oil will not treat herpes.

WHAT are three important functions of the skin?

Sweat gland,oil gland,and hair follicle.

Where do the ducks get the oil on their feathers?

They have a oil gland which has the oil in and they use their bill to use it on their feathers

Which bird has no oil gland?


What does the sebaccous gland secrete?


The gland that produces oil used for cleaning and waterproofing a birds feather is called the?

the uropygial gland

Does the sebaceous gland produce vitamin D?

No, the sebaceous gland produces sebum, or skin oil.

What is the Function of gland box in steam turbine?

Gland is used for the prevent leakage of oil from the gland box which is made up of copper or brass and gland box function is to support the glands which are made up of cast iron.This is called oil gland. steam gland is used for prevent the leakage of steam which exhausts air and which helps build up the vaccum in condenser is called steam gland.

What is the best cooking oil for pituitary gland or thyroid problem?

The answer is Olive oil

What is sebaceous?

sebaceous is an oil producing gland

What is a preen gland?

A preen gland is an organ in a bird near the tail, producing oil to help waterproof the bird's feathers. It is also called the Uropygial gland.

Which is the gland that secretes oil in ear?

The gland is called a cerumen gland and the "wax" is called cerumen. It is protective and prevents dirt and even insects from entering the canal.

What are the two Types of sweat glands?

sudorifus glands (sweat) is the only sweat gland but there is a sebacious gland (oil)

How do feathers make a bird waterproof?

no. the oil produced by their oil gland will make them waterproof

What causes sweat under your arms?

One of the appendages of the skin is the cuteneous gland. it has two categories which are the sudoriferous(sweat) gland and sebaceous(oil) gland. the causes of sweat under arms is because of its sweat gland.

How does a sweat gland differ from an oil gland?

When you sweat, your sweat is like pee, and is very salty. You sweat to cool yourself off. But an oil gland gives you your gloss. Your not letting off any liquid with an oil gland.Oil glands are connected to hair follicles, which produce sebum, which then can form spots if a lot is produced, it'll surface the skinSweat glands are under your arm pits and most other parts of the body

What makes the skin oily?

the oil gland in the skin.