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We had a problem,year after year with every bulb we had replaced. My pool contractor would check the electrical current in the switch, in the connections under the plate in the deck, and in the fuse box. He would also check for a current in the bulb everytime. No problem would show up each time but the bulb would never stay lit for more than 30 seconds everytime it was replaced.

It took me five years to get him to remove the light and low and behold, the contacts were rusted.

Hope this helps. Lori

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You can not troubleshoot a pool light if the replacement bulb does not light. The problem may be that the fuse is overused and therefore it blew out.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot a pool light if a new replacement bulb does not light?
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What would cause a short in a pool light?

A bad or old light cord. Water or moisture getting into the light can. I hope you have a GFCI on the system. Call a professional pool tech to troubleshoot and advise. A replacement may be in order.

How do you troubleshoot In ground Pool Lighting?

Remove the bulb, then with a multimeter check if there is curennt flowing through the wires most pool lights are 12v ac. If you have no current then the transfomer is not working or not connected. Check the bulb with a multimeter to ensure continuity, if no continuity then replace light bulb.

A light bulb is set in the bottom of a 3m-deep swimming pool. What is the diameter of the circle of light seen on the water?

As an ordinary light bulb will illuminate the whole pool, not just a circle you must be thinking of a spotlight bulb. The answer will depend on how tightly focused the spotlight is.

What is the cost to change a light bulb in a swimming pool?

Subject to the light unit at the right height in the wall, so it can be serviced from the pool deck. It takes about an hour to change the bulb £48-54 plus the bulb £39 for 300w Certikin or £39 for halogen.

A 500 watt pool light pulls how many amps?

To answer this question the voltage of the bulb is needed.

Where can you get a replacement strip for your pool?

at the pool store

Where can a replacement rope be purchased for a power pool cover?

Where can I buy replacement for power pool cover

Do you have to replace a pool light?

yes a pool light is a light that takes light bulbs usually it takes about 4 years if used often. if used rarely it takes about 6 years so if a pool light goes out you have 2 options drain the pool then take off the water proof lid (usually screwed on) or if its an above ground pool you should be able to replace the bulb from the back. other wise hire a pool technician too do it for you.

Can a regular light bulb be used in a swimming pool?

no the pool will get shocked and who ever is in it will die :( Well to improve on the above. Normal light bulbs or spot lights are not designed to illuminate in the same way that a swimming pool bulb would be. If the original light fixture was installed as per code it should have a GFCI in the system to prevent electrocution. If the system has no GFCI a qualified electrician should install one right away or when the pool light is changed or the lighting system is worked on or serviced.

Why did your new pool light bulb burn out when you turned the light on?

An underwater pool light is designed such that the low voltage electrical contact is water tight. Water is a conductor so if it is wet between contacts this could cause the bulb to burn out. Another thing to check is the bulb casing. If there is any water inside the bulb then this could also have caused a short. Finally, it could in fact be a faulty bulb with a bad filament. At any rate unless you did something wrong try for a refund from the supplier.

Is a pool spotlight different from a regular outdoor flood light?

yes a pool light is typically a sealed unit. this is to prevent water from entering the light and coming in contact with the electrical components of the light. if water were to enter the light it could damage the light fixture and also trip the light breaker or gfci. in addition in some situations if the light were not installed correctly/electrically protected correctly (with breaker and gfci) could cause a dangerous situation to bathers. to change the light bulb in a pool light fixture the light fixture must be brought above the waters surface and the lense with lense gasket removed bulb changed then lense with lense gasket replaced and the light reinstalled in the light niche in the wall of the pool below the waters surface. you must also use the appropriate bulb for the light fixture. this is not as simple as just picking up a bulb from home depot and threading it in as you would do with an outdoor flood light. light repairs should only be performed by a trained pool professional as it could be dangerous if not done correctly.

Light bulb in swimming pool burns out frequently?

Hire a pool tech to trouble shoot the device. You are either using the wrong bulbs or the light fixture and wireing are old. You also HAVE to have a GFCI added to the system.

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