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If the a/c compressor cools the air coming from the vents, and the heater knob makes the air hot, but the fan switch doesn't change the speed of the air coming from the vents, most likely the culprit is the fan switch itself, the blower resistor, or the blower motor. With smoke being present, there's a good chance the blower motor burned up.

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Does your 1997 explorer have abs?

I got a 1997 explorer sport with control trac 4wd. its suppose to but it doesnt work.

99 olds cutlass The blower doesnt work for the heat or ac The air comes out hot cold just no blower?

Blown fuse, bad motor, bad blower motor switch, or a defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

1994 Honda civic blower motor does not work?

if it doesnt work on 1 and 2 it could be a blower motor resistor but if it doesnt work at all check the fuses, relay and check voltage if it reads 12 v replace the motor

Why would your 95 ford contour have heat coming out but doesnt blow it for the AC or heater?

Bad blower motor? Blown blower motor fuse? Bad fan switch? Bad blower resistor pack?

How is a control used in an experiment?

The control is the group that doesnt get tested

How do you fix your action replay?

take it to a game store and have them troubleshoot it....if that doesnt work buy and new one and get more and better codes. 8)

Why doesnt your ryobi leaf blower start?

A Ryobi leaf blower will fail to start if the spark plug is fouled or it has run out of fuel. Using the incorrectly mixed fuel will also prevent it from starting.

Why doesnt the blower motor only blow on hi on 1999 Mitsubishi galant?

the blower resistor is bypassed on high. a direct path to ground. if high is the only operational speed the resistor is bad.

The blower motor is new-the switch still doesnt work-1991 dodge shadow?

check the blower motor resistor located on fire wall behind washer fluid tank

Why doesnt my 2003 civic blower motor turn on?

Have you checked the fuse and relay? - They are in the engine compartment above the passenger strut.

Why doesnt your 2004 blazer blow on high?

Sounds like your Blower motor resister, it controls the voltage to your blower motor, controlling the speeds, if you always have it on high, med ect. that speed is more likly to burn out first

Why doesnt the blower blow on a 97 Pontiac gtp theres heat but not enough?

Try checking your thermostat. It is probably stuck open.

What if your 95 cadillac sts heater does not work the climate control works but heat doesnt blow you get heat but it wont blow out how do you remedy this problem?

Look under the hood and find the blower motor and disconnect the plug and look at the plug, it might be burned out. It might not have a good connection clean the connector real good and plug it back up. my 1995 cadillac blower was not working i just discunected the battery for five min that will rest the computer. now my blower motor works fine.

Where is Holden commodore vp blower?

if the vp has a blower, it will be either on top of the engine or to the right a little. its easy to find because it has a pulley and is driven by a belt and has the air intake going into it. if you cant find it easily then it probably doesnt have 1. do a google image search on vp blower. compair the pair. get it up ya,

Why doesnt your heat in your 1989 Jaguar XJ6 work?

if the blower motor still works, somebody probably bypassed the heater core in the past.

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