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you can't tune a cymbal once it's already made. the size, the thickness, and the metals that are in it determine the pitch.

Whilst it is not possible to change the pitch of a cymbal, there are a number of ways to alter the tone and feel of it. Try adding a number of quarter sized and centimetre thick blob of blutack/putty to the cymbal, or invest in "Moon Gel" pads. Alternatively, and more drastically, drill holes in the cymbal using a powerdrill (not on hammer setting) and putting loose rivets in the holes to produce a nice sizzle sound.

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Q: How do you tune a cymbal?
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Name all the cymbals you can have on a drum set?

Typically, most average drum kits have a set of high-hats, a crash cymbal, and a ride cymbal, although you can also have; china cymbal, splash cymbal, Scandinavian bell, clash cymbal, sizzle cymbal or a swish cymbal.

Is a crash ride cymbal the same as a crash cymbal?

No the crash/ride is designed to be played as a ride or crash cymbal and the crash cymbal is just for crashing. Loooking for a crash or crash/ride cymbal?

What is the smallest cymbal in a drum set?

it is the splash cymbal

How do you make a sentence with the word cymbal?

If I draw a side view of a cymbal, it would be a pictorial symbol of a cymbal. Upon arrival at the concert, I realized that my roadies had lost a cymbal.

What is the highest pitched cymbal on the drum kit?

The splash cymbal.

What is a sentences for cymbal?

That symbol on the bottom of the cymbal indicates the manufacturer.

How does a musical instrument cymbal make its sound?

The cymbal makes a sound by simply being clashed together with another cymbal.

Is a crash ride cymbal the same as a ride cymbal?

no, a ride cymbal has more of a cleaner sound while a crash cymbal can sometimes sound like a gong (this is when the felts aren't tightened).

How do you use a sentence with cymbal?

I'm going to need another cymbal.

What products by Zidjan has ride in its name?

A Zildjian Sweet Ride, Zildjian K Ride Cymbal, Custom Ride Cymbal, Series Ping Ride Cymbal, Series Medium Ride, Dark Ride Cymbal, Crash/Ride Cymbal, and other ride cymbals are available.

How do rivets affect a cymbal?

Rivets in a cymbal bounce rapidly up and down when the cymbal vibrates after it is hit, creating a "sizzling" type of sound.

What is the best crash cymbal brand?

Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash Cymbal

When was Johnny Cymbal born?

Johnny Cymbal was born on February 3, 1945.

What is a sentence with the word cymbal?

"Someone on asked for a sentence with the word 'cymbal' in it."

What is sounding brass or tinkling cymbal in 1st cor13 chp means?

A Tinkling Cymbal is a ringing bell.

What are the names of the Drums and Cymbals on a drum kit?

The most common are: Hi-hat, snare drum, bass/kick drum, tom-tom drum, floor tom, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, china cymbal.

Can you use recular cymbal stands for electric cymbals?

Yes a regular cymbal stand can be used for any acoustic or electronic cymbal. More tips at

Can all percussion instruments can be tune?

No. However, although not all percussion instruments are considered "tuned percussion instruments" they all have pitch. The one example of an instrument that cannot be tuned would be cymbals. However, in in the case of cymbals, manufacturers can chisel away material on the cymbal and alter the shape to produce a specific series of overtones. Even so, the average percussionist cannot easily tune a cymbal to a specific note as he may do to a snare drum with a drum key.

Who is Cymbal from the show Dragon Ball?

cymbal is one of King Picollo's created children/minions

How do you fit splash on to drum kits?

I take it you refer to a "splash cymbal" which is mounted on a cymbal stand.

What is a left side ride cymbal?

A ride cymbal you can only play with you left hand of course.

When did Johnny Cymbal die?

Johnny Cymbal died on March 16, 1993 at the age of 48.

What is the difference between a cymbal stand and a boom cymbal stand?

A cymbal stand goes straight up and down and a boom stand has an extra joint on the stand that allows you to extend your cymbal out over your toms and other parts of the kit as well. (I personally think that someone should've come up with a better name for the straight stand than "cymbal stand" seeing that they are both cymbal stands regaurdless of shape. lol)

What is a reverse cymbal?

A reverse cymbal is a sound created by reversing the waveform of a crashing cymbal. It is typically used in creating suspense, or for electronic dance music. It has a distinctive sound that is easily identifiable. To create your own reverse cymbal sound, record the crashing of a cymbal and use your favourite sound manipulation programme (my favourite is Audacity) to reverse the noise, and implement into your work.

How many types of cymbals are there?

Well, you have your basic ones ~ hi-hat (14"), crash (16") and your ride (20") and then, if you get more experienced you can get a china cymbal (18"), splash cymbal (10") and you can also buy accessories such as a bell cymbal (8") and a sizzle cymbal (16").