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How do you turn a motorcycle at slow speed and short distance?

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2012-03-27 14:11:30

Balance and practice. If your circle is to the left scoot your

butt to the right of the seat, maintain enough speed to keep

yourself upright and looking in to where the center of the circle

would be start a tight slow turn. The trick is to keep your speed

and sharpness of turn constant until you are ready to straighten


Know your bike, know your clutch. With practice, on the right

bike, you could do a figure of eight in a parking space. On a

narrow street or a parking lot, practice walking your bike through

turns. If you can walk it round, you can ride it round. Then it's

as above. Check all around that you are clear to turn. Set your

front wheel and shift your body weight until your inside arm is

nearly straight (makes sure you have shifted far enough and leaves

some movement for fine correction), look as far round the turn as

you can (you will naturally steer where you look so don't look at

the curb or drain covers). Revs up, slip the clutch

and use the back brake to control the speed. Do not touch

the front brake under any circumstances.

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